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Those communists in Vermont

img_0056So rattling around Manchester, Vermont, (but mostly rattling around the wonderful Northshire Bookstore), we stumbled across this display.

Honest to God, I thought about this all the way home. I brought two coats, one for snowshoeing/sweating in, and one to wear around town. It was 9 degrees. My windshield wiper fluid froze, which made driving the backroads really interesting.

This display — set off to the side on Main Street — made me wonder how many people have no coats, while I had a surplus. And what a simple idea. Need a coat? Take one. Want to help? Leave one.


Snowshoeing is all that is left to me

IMG_1272In times past, we’d flee to Vermont with a truckload of skis and boots, but I left my youth and my knees at Okemo.

So when we flee to Vermont now, the only winter sport left to me is snowshoeing.

Those are my feet in rented snowshoes, and let me tell you, I can’t think of a much better way of getting into that part of the forest where no one can bother you. I walked so far up that you couldn’t even hear traffic any more, the people, or even the birds.

IMG_1273Like much of the Northeast, Vermont hasn’t seen much snow, and it’s gotten bitter cold. Without crampons, you’re left to crawl up chutes of ice. These shoes worked well save for one time when I walked out of them and slid on my butt down a little chute — which was actually kind of fun.

I didn’t factor in how much effort it is to tramp across ice (I found myself reciting a mantra, “Brittle bones! Brittle bones”) but I was intent on reaching the farthest-most point of the trail — a small outhouse of  a lodge I had all to myself.

Plus I had the picnic table in this photo. I thought how nice it would be to chip off some snow and have those snacks I forgot to pack. A granola bar would have been nice, washed down with some hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating on top. Or maybe some nice cheese and crackers. This is, after all, Vermont. They have great cheese up there.

Maybe it’s the hillbilly in me, but I have always found that the woods heal. I can’t say that I came down from my walk any smarter or more whole, but I came down happy. I hope for you a similar kind of walk in the near future.


Who got bailed out?

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has released the names of the beneficiaries of our government’s largesse, in a report with the catchy title called “Jamie Dimon Is Not Alone,” after the JPMorgan Chase CEO who told Congress on Wednesday that he couldn’t justify the business practices that led to the most recent financial meltdown. Boiled down?

More than $4 trillion in near zero-interest Federal Reserve loans and other financial assistance went to the banks and businesses of at least 18 current and former Federal Reserve regional bank directors in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse

So who got bailed out? Not you.

You can read the names here: 061212DimonIsNotAlone

What is the most religious state in the U.S.?

According to Gallup: Mississippi.

And which one is least religious?

Vermont and New Hampshire — along with Connecticut and other New England states.

You can read more here. And can someone remind me who sent me this? I’d like to give credit where it’s due.