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The sad case of Esteban Santiago-Ruiz

49457979-cachedThe gunman at Fort Lauderdale’s airport had psychiatric problems, and the symptoms seem to have started after he was deployed to Iraq.

Some researchers point to a link between combat stress and violence at home. But other research says there isn’t such a direct link between the two.

Santiago-Ruiz killed five people in Florida, and now faces the death penalty.


Teach feminism to end violence

maxresdefaultIntersectional feminism, that is.

Do that one thing

imagesYou’re hurt. You’re hurt because you’re black/brown and yet another black/brown man/woman has been shot and killed by the police.

You’re hurt. You’re hurt because you’re white and yet another black/brown man/woman has been shot and killed by the police and YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

And then the news breaks that there are five dead police officers in Dallas, and multiple people wounded. This happened while protesters were marching and chanting — literally — “Don’t shoot,” when things were so peaceful that police officers, prior to the gunfire, were posing for photos with protesters.

It feels like the wheels have fallen off the cart. That’s yet more lives lost, and we, the white people who are paying attention, keep asking ourselves, what can I do?

This is so corny and lame that I almost didn’t suggest it, but here’s what I’m doing, until I change the world, or until I decide this is stupid: Every day, I am going to do one thing to counter violence, or to counter (white) privilege. I have not made a list. I trust this will be organic, and I trust I’ll be creative enough to see opportunities to act on this, every single day.

For starters, I’m going to take the time to listen to people who don’t live on my privileged perch. Someone somewhere is going to start talking to me about something that makes me uncomfortable, and rather than change the subject or walk away, I’m going to stay and listen.

I’m going to tell someone I don’t know very well who doesn’t look or sound like me that I love him/her, because if I did know that someone, I probably would love her/him.

I’m going to write and study more about privilege.

I’m going to send money to charities I think are making a difference.

I probably will return to this in subsequent blog posts, but if you have ideas for me, I’m all ears.

Last week in the Hebrew Scriptures…

david3I’ve been reading the Bible this year, a few chapters a day, and though I’ve forgotten to update you on my progress, I bet you haven’t missed it.

Still: As with dieting or a new running regime or any change of life, if I talk about it enough, I will feel compelled to continue.

So I am in II Samuel. Goliath has been felled. Bathsheba has been coveted (and her husband killed). David is king. Saul is dead, and it appears all hell has broken loose. The behavior on the part of the key players has been most disappointing. A lot of people are getting stabbed. One guy’s body was left by the road with his entrails hanging out. There’ve been some beheadings, some swinging, some really bad lifestyle choices, and I want to step back, look away, and stop reading.

But I won’t. When I read the Bible as a child, a lot of these stories went right over my head. I also missed, on my first reading, all the repetitions and the backtracking and the stories inserted within stories. This portion of the Bible — it must be said — is not a particularly well-written book. But I press on, because I know there are pockets of beauty in the words, and if I’m not learning many life lessons (other than how to conceal your sword so that you can sneak up on someone unawares), it’s fascinating to read some of these verses with (very) adult eyes. Onward.

A round-up of last week’s threats and violent acts against U.S. Muslims

regents-park-mosque_798486cThe list, as compiled by Glenn Greenwald, is longer than you may imagine.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

Check out “The Sweetest Land” op-doc

20412564_BG1My Central Connecticut State University colleague Jeff Teitler has been working on a documentary at Hartford’s violence for six years. Check out the display at Mother Courant.

Why does violence in a sacred space feel so very wrong?

church-hug_3346695bMike the Heathen sends this, “Violence and Sacred Space” at The Wild Hunt. The piece includes this:

…Pagans can respect the sacred nature of a Christian church, even if they don’t follow the religion; and vice versa, a Christian can recognize the sanctity of Wiccan circle or Heathen temple. “The intrinsic lines” separating the sacred from the common world “are not abstractions.” This accounts for Charleston’s community turnout in support of the AME church. As [Kelly] Scott [chairwoman of the Charleston Area Lowcountry Council of Alternative Spiritual Traditions] said, “It does not matter that my spiritual path is different from those at Mother Emanuel….”