Oh, irony! Thy name is Bosnia.

The Guardian has an interesting story outta Missouri (saLUTE!) about how Bosnian immigrants might turn that swing state blue. As with so many immigrant groups, some of the rhetoric that has passed for conversation during this election has moved people to register to vote — some for the first time.

Mormons to Trump: No. Thank you.

Über Mormon Mitt Romney is no fan of Republican presidential candidate (I still get a little shiver when I type that) Donald Trump, and it looks like the entire Mormon church will be turning their backs, as well. What does that mean? Read this. It might explain things. And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

How would Jesus vote?

After a third Republican presidential debate that might have topped the first two for irrelevancy, this, at Relevant Magazine, From Jon Huckins at Global Immersion Project: The discipleship challenge in the midst of a heated political climate is to embrace a posture of curiosity that seeks to understand rather than to be understood. “Winning” an election …