Christians rule! (Congress edition)

This Washington Post article says that Congress is getting more diverse — but people who claim Christianity as their religion far outnumber any one else (at 91 percent, while just 71 percent of Americans claim Christianity as their religion). Here’s more on the topic, from Esquire.

Candidate Bingo!

Alison sent this along and I so appreciate it. And thanks, MomsRising. And you can read more about what to expect from the debate here, at the Washington Post. (At this point? Hillary Clinton must make Donald Trump cry in order to be declared a winner. Donald Trump just needs to avoid insulting someone. The standards are …

The middle class is not mentioned in the Bible

Read this thought-provoking piece by Ryan McAnnally-Linz and Miroslav Volf are the authors of “Public Faith in Action: How to Think Critically, Engage Wisely, and Vote with Integrity.” McAnnally-Linz and Volf explore politicians’ (all of them) focus on the middle class (which didn’t exist in Biblical times), at near complete exclusion of the poor (who did).

Oh, Lord. It’s Peep season.

Carole sends this, a “Hamilton“-inspired Peep diorama. To add to the beauty of this, Carole heard about this fine art from Rabbi Debbie Cantor, which means it takes a village to explain the theology of Peeps. She also sends this, a Washington-Post-inspired Peep contest. I was tempted. Sorely. But the deadline has passed, and so now we …

What’s a feminist today?

The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation have released a poll on what Americans think of feminism (New Wave feminism) today. The results are a little bit fascinating, including: 6 in 10 women and one-third of men call themselves a feminist or strong feminist Roughly 7 in 10 of men and women say the movement …