Ladies? Are you tired? Run down?

Of course you are.¬†You’re working hours longer than your male peers, and not for pay, either. Then, there’s that whole gender pay gap… I wrote this for Mother Courant. And I cannot wait to see “Gross Domestic Product” at HartBeat Ensemble. Wanna go?

The not-so-hidden costs of reporting rape

Susannah sent this, a stark and eye-opening piece by Julia Sonenshein about what it can cost (financially) to report a rape, from time lost from work to perhaps having to find new housing. Jaysus. As the article said: It’s a wonder any one reports rape, consider how the system is stacked against the victim.

You say “poverty,” I say “po-TAH-to.”

Leftover sends this, a powerful, concise essay by Peter Marcuse on what language we should use to describe wealth/income inequality/poverty/war on. From the essay: In fact, the way the rich obtain their wealth is what generates poverty. Here are a few specific mechanisms by which this happens: Exploitation at the work place. Keeping the pay …

I went to Florida, and you didn’t.

I got on a plane Saturday and left the man pictured to the left on the beaches of Florida. (I know, right? He’s cute!) It’s cool. We planned it this way. I work and he’s retired, and his dream is to spend as much time as possible near the surf and sun during the nasty …

How much is Dad worth around the house?

As we slide toward Father’s Day, according to’s Father’s Day Index, if you calculated the work Dad does around the house, he’s doing about $20,248 worth of work. Mom’s work, on the other hand, is worth closer to $60,182. You can earn more here. The original index is a part of a push to …