Franklin Graham is a tool

billyandfranklingrahamDuke University has canceled plans to use their campus’ iconic cathedral to issue the Muslim call to prayer. Plans were scrapped when Franklin Graham — whose father is Billy Graham — encouraged Duke alumni to withhold donations because of the planned public call to prayer, known as the adhan.

Graham’s concern was that Christianity was not being included in the Muslim call for prayer — or something equally ignorant — because everyone knows that someone else’s religious practice always threatens their own religious practice — or some notion equally ignorant.

This at a site that honors Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who was, history tells us, a fine man who backed a really, really, really bad idea.

Evidently, Christianity is such a teeny, tiny, small a religion it cannot allow the prayers of anyone but a card-carrying True Christian®.

For shame, Franklin. For. Shame.

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      1. He wants to continue his ministry: Separate good Religion from bad religion…orthodoxy from heresy. Which…when you think about it…is exactly the same thing the radical Islamists he…incorrectly…groups into all of Islam are doing. A little kinder and gentler perhaps, but the intent…intolerance…is still the same.

        He wants to reinvigorate and reinforce the age-old idea that Islam represents a threat to Christianity.

  1. How disappointing it is to hear that Duke was influenced by Graham. I thought they were better than that.

  2. It’s ignorance to the nth degree and infuriates me to no end. When I read that Duke was going to sound the call to prayer, I was so pleased. The mean, small minded, un-Chriistian behavior must make Jesus weep.

  3. Imagine for a moment that the absolute worst — in Franklin Graham’s terms — were to happen. Muslims take over the religious, cultural, political, educational, economic, and social life of these United States. (All the same things that the Dominionists like Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, and the people they pal around with, would like their brand of religion to do. But never mind that now.) Would that not present the perfect opportunity to prove their faith? By resisting assimilation? Maybe even resisting forced conversion (so they assume)? Maybe even making the ultimate sacrifice? I’ve often thought that the Dominionists et. el. were secretly envious of the Christian mrtyrs, both Biblical and contemporary. But, alas, it seems that they prefer their imaginary persecution (not being allowed to put up a Christmas manger on the front lawn of town hall) to any possibility of any actual persecution. Such a wasted opportunity.

    1. It’s just embarrassing, having someone like him in the tribe. I’ve vote him out if I could.

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