Somewhere, someone has to put her foot down.

peepsproductEspecially after Mike the Heathen sent along a story about Peeps-flavored milk.

I mean, c’mon, ‘Murica.

One day, historians will trace the moment the country began its slide down the greased pole to hell, and they will arrive at the year these nasty things left the boundaries of Easter to crap up grocery shelves during other perfectly good holidays. First, they took Halloween, and then they bounced over to the dairy aisle.

Stop. The. Madness.

Finally, and in closing…

lol_jesus_1I’m afraid I got just a little bit simple over this. What am I? 5?

Giving money to schools so rich they don’t need it

article-schools-0110This just in (well, it was yesterday, but you get my meaning):

The way Connecticut school funding works, no district can receive less money than they received the year before. How that plays out, though, is that some of Connecticut’s wealthier districts (and oh yes, we have those) with fewer high-need students get more state money than they need — a collective $20.8 million more, in a state with a $1 billion deficit.

Meanwhile, some of the state’s poorest districts are underfunded.

Get your $*&^ kids vaccinated

From Jimmy Kimmel.

Read the Ferguson report

fergusonRight here.

Sadly — and I can’t find the clip online — someone asked a Ferguson resident for his reaction, and he said it was old news. People who live in Ferguson already know just how awful is their police department when it comes to profiling and worse.

So Mike the Heathen wrote a blog…

index…but I promise I’m outing him with his permission. It’s quite good. Read it here, more on the spirituality of Leonard Nimoy.

Play loud

Here’s more on the group, the “biggest band you’ve never heard of.”