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If we applied common commentary tropes to the Waco massacre:

indexIf we approached the recent Waco massacre that occurred during a biker beef (where nine people were killed, and more than 1,000 weapons have been found) the way we approach other news events:

  • We would ask “Where are the fathers?” as Republican Ted Cruz did after the Baltimore uprising.
  • We would look for moderate bikers to explain that those knuckleheaded idiots in Waco are really, really outliers, as we expect Muslims to do every time one of their knuckleheads gets lose.
  • Am I missing one? I can’t tell.

But no. We are content to believe that these folks are on the fringe and in no way represent the rest of us.

Pres. Obama: We need to act and we need to act now

Pres. Obama came to Connecticut yesterday to speak at the Coast Guard Academy. This is what he said.

Stolen from Facebook: The Irish vote on marriage equality

spgayshambox‘Tis a made-up conversation, but on the eve of a historic vote in Ireland on marriage equality:

-One of me sons came ou’ there earlier.
-Fuckin’ hell – . How d’you feel about tha’?
-Your son, like. How did he come ou’?
-Through the back door. Same as the rest of us.
-Hang on – . He came ou’ the back?
-You’re fuckin’ messin’ with me again, aren’t yeh?
-No, I’m not. Me son came ou’ for a chat. We were ou’ on the deck.
-Yis have a deck?
-Since when?
-Since one o’ the grandkids took a pallet from behind the Spar an’
threw it on top o’ the fuckin’ grass. But – come here. Isn’t it fuckin’
amazin’ tha’ we can have a chat like this?
-Abou’ decks?
-No – abou’ comin’ ou’ an’ our kids an’ stuff like tha’. Not so long
ago –
-It would’ve been impossible.
-Well – not impossible. But – .
-Fuckin’ tricky.
-Very fuckin’ tricky. But – . More. There was a fella in my class in
school an’ – words like ‘gay’ an’ ‘camp’ didn’t exist back then the way
they do now. But he got a terrible fuckin’ time – from the the teachers
an’ the Brothers. Called him Twinkle-Toes an’ stuff like tha’. They
never let up – they battered him. An’ we laughed. We had to – I
remember thinkin’ tha’. Or they’d’ve murdered us as well.
-Wha’ was his real name?
-Jim. I was thinkin’ about him there. Wonderin’ – yeh know – how he
was. An’ that’s another reason I’ll be votin’ Yes.
-Well –
-Yeah – yeah. I suppose so.
-Same as meself, so.

NRA Blood Garglers® strike again.

01-10_Ax_NEW_Editorial_cartoon_NRA_stands_toughThe National Rifle Association reached a new low [NSFW illustration with that last link] when it successfully campaigned against a Louisiana bill that would have made gun ownership difficult for people who commit domestic violence against an intimate partner with whom they do not share an address.

Because who needs protection more than a person who beats a loved one, amirite?

Louisiana already has a law that protects against gun ownership of perpetrators of domestic violence who live with their victims. The living situation was a loophole the Blood Garglers® would not allow to be closed.

Hillary Clinton on Iraq war vote: “A mistake”

53219125resizeNo. Shit.

There’s no here on the topic.


We are mostly moved; we are still married

IMG_5820This is what your house looks like in a storage bin, and this isn’t even all your house. You still have clothes, the assorted rugs, all the kitchen stuff, and probably some stuff in the basement, too. But if you were to stack your stuff for an awesome funeral pyre, it would look like this:

And then, when you turn around to look at the place in which you’ve spent five years, it would look like this:

IMG_5819So you can focus on your potential funeral pyre, and bemoan the fact that though you’ve culled and given away and thrown away, you still have a pretty decent pile…

…or you can look at the clean and empty rooms that will be ready for the next owner and the next adventure.