This? Is heartbreaking.

160822-aleppo-0302_f99cf07c0972e0b6131bd2989932a1b0-nbcnews-ux-2880-1000The New York Times had a story this morning about the children of Aleppo, Syria.

To say it’s hard to read is an understatement, but if felt important to share here.

Please to bite me

unspecifiedSo let’s pause a moment and acknowledge that no matter what a woman in power does, she will always, always be doing the wrong thing with her mouth. She isn’t smiling. she’s smiling too much. It really doesn’t matter. She’s doing it wrong.

Here’s more on the neoconservative nitwit who tweeted that. Bless his heart.

unspecifiedAnd here’s Reince Priebus¬†weighing in on an earlier appearance by Clinton. He, too, can bite me, she said sweetly.


A former Miss Universe speaks…

This from the Republican presidential candidate, no sylph, himself. If you want to read more about Alicia Machado, go here. And here’s Trump’s rather predictable response.

Manager’s Note: We do not fat-shame here. We do, however, call out hypocrisy on a regular basis.


Stacks of US currency in ascending graph patternDespite the recent good economic news — for some, anyway — women will not achieve pay equity for another 136 years.

So that means that if I eat my greens, exercise daily, and keep up with my prayers, I will STILL BE DEAD BEFORE THIS HAPPENS GODDAMMIT.

About last night, yet again

donald-trump-hillary-clinton-zoom-0beceeaa-2ed7-43d1-9e41-14a4a1a50ae1What was missing from the conversation at last night’s presidential debate?

Well, the list is long, but top on mine is poverty. Why don’t we talk more about poverty? I wrote this for The Hill.

Who’s locked up in the U.S.?

6a00e54ed2b7aa883301b8d21f672e970c-650wiYou can read more here, from Kay Whitlock at Beacon Broadside.

About last night, part deux…

ctvotivwaaa1cy3As said on Twitter by Brad Heath, an investigative reporter for USA Today:¬†“For 4 hours, more people were searching for info on our future leaders on Google than for porn. We did it, America.”