Thank you, Bro. Matt Okine

download (1)Matt Okine won the ARIA best comedy release award in Australia, and used his acceptance speech to wonder where were the women in his category.

It’s this kind of thing that moves mountains. Go ahead, Bro. Matt.

Which country has had the most terrorism attacks?

terrorism-1aYou can read more here.

Did you go shop in the wee hours?

I have family members who did. I even have some family members who pushed back from the table, skipped desserts, donned their ugly holiday sweaters, and shopped on Thanksgiving.

But I can imagine nothing I’d like less than battling the crowds only to find that 75-percent-off-whatever was sold already, and I will continue to applaud stores like REI, who remain closed on Thanksgiving and today. Surely we can not commercialize this holiday any more than we already have?

On being grateful…

IMG_0773…even while I know this is something that might come back and haunt her when she’s an adult:

My son and his family started a new Thanksgiving tradition this year, where we all held hands over the blessing, and then each person said what they were most thankful for.

I was just standing to listen to the prayer when my youngest granddaughter, age 4, (that’s her being all feminine and shit in the photo to the right) said in a stage whisper, “Granny! I got to go poop! Will you wipe my butt?”

And so as we rushed to the bathroom, I missed saying what I was most grateful for, which is this: I am most grateful for grandchildren who interrupt life in the most charming way possible. I missed saying that out loud because I was practicing it.

Onward. Happy Friday.

On being grateful…

turkey…I am grateful that food is the great leveler.

I am grateful for garlic mashed potatoes.

I am grateful for pecan pie.

I am grateful for adobo.

I am grateful for flan.

I am grateful for fried turkey.

And I am grateful that for all the starts and stops of family life, I have a family with whom I can enjoy all of this. Happy Thanksgiving. May you tuck into a wonderful meal with people you love, and who love you back.

Another country heard from

The Scottish National newspaper’s front page (and thanks, Cynical) from last week:


Watch Chris Stedman school Bill O’Reilly in a really kind way

I interviewed Chris for my upcoming Sunday column. He’s good people. And Bill O’Reilly is an idiot. This is from 2013.