How much should you be making?

Leftover sends this, a cool interactive chart from Economic Policy Institute.

Come to find out, I’m underpaid.

No, really. Where are the Republican email leaks?

2df4c40300000578-3296819-image-a-9_1446245424792Reading all of Hillary Clinton’s leaked campaign emails is fascinating. You get to see the inner workings and read people as they probably really are in real-life, when the rest of us also-rans aren’t watching them in public.

But I have to ask: Why do we not have a similar data dump of Republican emails? I mean, wouldn’t that be fair?

Here’s one attempt to explore that.

A vote for Hillary is a vote against the blood-gargling NRA

tumblr_nvtgnycjta1udefl6o1_1280Need proof? Even though NO, Hillary is not coming for your guns (just as Obama did not come for your guns), the blood-gargling National Rifle Association has pumped $6.5 million into anti-Clinton ads.

You can read more about that nasty’s organization’s efforts in Colorado here.

Here’s the candidate’s proposed policies on gun legislation.

Tens of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched for peace

And why wouldn’t we hear about this? Because war makes money. Peace is cheap.

You can read more here. And thanks, Cynical, for the link.


Check out the new voters in Ohio


The reductive seduction of other people’s problems

downloadChris B. shared this, an interesting essay in how we look at other cultures and other people and their seemingly uncomplicated lives. From the essay:

If you’re young, privileged, and interested in creating a life of meaning, of course you’d be attracted to solving problems that seem urgent and readily solvable. Of course you’d want to apply for prestigious fellowships that mark you as an ambitious altruist among your peers. Of course you’d want to fly on planes to exotic locations with, importantly, exotic problems.

Which is not to discourage voluntourism or people traveling to perform good works, but…

Some beautiful (and empty) buildings await your vision

3744464695_79d2733b39_zCityLab shares this, “Pretty Vacants: The Coolest Empty Buildings in America.” Haven’t you ever thought of that? In a drive past an abandoned building, what could be there?

The closest on this list to me is in Providence, the Superman Building (where summer tours were heavily attended), but Connecticut — particularly the state’s cities — has some wonderful examples of what-could-bes.