The big, fat religion-comparison chart!

Religijne_symbole0Ratchere (which is hillbilly for “right here”).

The efficacy of this chart is something we can argue, because of course I scrolled down immediately to “Christianity,” and realized that a chart can in no way be comprehensive in its coverage of a faith group.


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  1. Not too shabby, really. Difficult to confine such a broad topic in such a small space. I was a little surprised to see they considered the Chopra Center a religion, but not yoga.

    The only thing I would have liked to see is, when they lacked an internal link…like they do for atheism and gnosticism…they would have supplied another…like to Wikipedia or something.

    I didn’t really explore the information they provide too deeply, but it could be a reasonable starting point for further investigation, I suppose.

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