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  1. I’d like to see how the $30+ billion dollars of American taxpayer support to Iraq since 2003…$6 billion since 2011… has been divvied up among those folks.

    1. …but Jeb Bush is worried about the half-billion spent on (gasp) women’s health. Or so I just heard.

      1. Well…he was…then he wasn’t…saying, “I misspoke”…and then, after meeting with his handlers when Clinton got involved, he tweeted, “what’s absolutely, unequivocally wrong [how Clinton characterized his original remark] is giving taxpayer $ to an org whose practices show no regard for lives of unborn.”

        Having failed in the Senate, the GOP is floating plans to hold the government hostage this fall…again…unless PP is defunded. They think the issue will be a winner for them in 2016. Yet another video surfaced Tuesday. The fifth, I believe.

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