Baby Jesus is crying, Rev. Lotz

downloadEvoking Big Angry God, the Rev. Anne Graham Lotz (Billy’s daughter) said in a recent interview that terrorist attacks and weird weather patterns are a result of God’s wrath because we are slackers and sinners and people get to pick their own bathrooms, and because of that, America is imploding.

Lotz said in the interview that though she’s not much of a prayer, God told her recently to pray for America, Israel, and revival in the church, in that order.

It’s interesting to listen to this, mainly for Lotz’s utter lack of hope in the future. Rev. Lotz should probably walk out into the marketplace she hates so much, and lift her hands (instead of her voice) to be like Jesus, and feed the hungry and house the homeless and let God take care of the rest. Prayer and hand-wringing is one thing. Action is another. I say that with love.

And a big ol’ hat-tip for this to Right Wing Watch.



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  1. Isn’t it ironic that the worst weather has been along the Bible belt region? Here in the CT, where we welcome Islamic Refugees and allow same-sex marriage and are fine with a transgender male or female to use the bathroom that fits their gender, regardless of biology, the weather is fine. In general, we are welcoming and accepting. So if God was exerting his wrath, well, it seems to be directed toward the red state region. Rev. Anne should probably reflect on that.

  2. I don’t subscribe to the whole Big Angry God™ thing. (Or any of the God things for that matter.) And even though, looking around, things are already mighty ugly, I do agree they’re going to get much worse. Mostly because of people like the Rev. Lotz.

    I also have to agree with you that prayer isn’t really going to help. Praying for hate and discontent to triumph over compassion and tolerance hasn’t really worked very well since…well…Anno Domini. Has it? If it did, LGBT would stand for something completely different.

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