You probably already saw this father’s defense of his son-the-rapist

840629969_122163c283But just in case, this plea for mercy is burning up the interwebs, from Dan Turner, the father of Brock Allen Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2015. For his crime, the younger Turner was sentenced to just six months in jail.

Perhaps, as a counterpoint, you should also read the statement from the rapist’s victim.

There’s a petition to remove Judge Aaron Persky from the bench, after this sentence. These things rarely come to anything, but it’s worth nothing there are more than a few signatures already.

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  1. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, a judge can’t be removed from the bench for being a judge. (See “wide latitude”.) Or an asshole. (ibid.) So unless there’s a connection between the judge and the rapist…a corrupting influence…other than class? Persky’s not going anywhere.

    If I was looking for such a corrupting influence? I would start at the State probation department personnel who interviewed the rapist and recommended a lenient sentence. That little gem is what provided…empowered…Persky to provide a lenient sentence without fear of any official sanction. Just like he’s probably done throughout his career.

    The prosecutor declined to call for Persky’s removal, or even call for an investigation. That means Business As Usual. (See “wide lattitude”.) The judge was provided cover for his action.
    The prosecutor gets to cover his ass….going through all the proper motions within established boundaries to clearly demonstrate The People are being zealously represented before The Bar of Justice.
    Quietly…in a closet somewhere…defense counsel is in a passive aggressive panic…caught between wanting to plant a Big Ol’ Wet One Daddykins for ensuring the firm’s share of the Movie Rights, and wanting to tie and gag Daddykins…right there in the closet…and leave him there…ensuring the firm’s share of the Movie Rights.

    Meanwhile…back at the State probation department…somebody is getting a pat on the back for another job well done.

    1. That’s an excellent point, that the judge was acting on recommendations. Business As Usual. Jaysus.

      1. Somebody needs to look at that probation department. Any link between that department, Daddykins, and (maybe) the guy who put the robes on Persky, might create an appearance of impropriety sufficient to cause a stay of imposition of sentence pending review. But it would have to be done quickly…and…without the prosecutor’s help…there’s little chance to change the fact that sick fuck will be walking out of jail sooner than later.

  2. Was “twenty minutes of action” an intentional or unintentional vernacular usage like “getting some”? I guess it doesn’t matter. Either way dad’s a blind pig. Most sex offender registries have appeal/removal processes, as they should I suppose but somebody needs to keep an eye on this rapist when he tries to undo the record. Unfortunately that responsibility usually falls on the shoulders of the victim so they have to relive the whole episode.

    1. I tried to read the father’s statement as a parent, scared for his son, anxious that he have as soft a landing as possible. And it still pissed me off.

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