And so we come to another glorious pause…

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-08-00-pm…I am stepping away from Dating Jesus (again, I know) to focus my attentions elsewhere. I have done this before (many times, actually, and usually so I can focus on other writing). This is one of those times, and I just may return, but for all that feels important these days, driving traffic to a blog doesn’t rank very high on the list.

My only concern is that I’ll lose touch with the little community we’ve built here. So please. I’m at Don’t be a stranger. I will be cropping elsewhere, I promise.

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Just another one of God's children.

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  1. Aww….
    Welll…I never understood how you could do it all anyway.
    I love you.
    Cranky Old Goat

    1. Please, Cranky. Stay in touch. You know my email, and there’s always campbellsl on Twitter and I’m on Facebook, too.

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