Cleaning up temp jobs

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has signed a law that says

the state’s temporary employment agencies will no longer be able to send any temp workers to jobs without informing them of the name of their employer, the wages they will be paid or any basic safety training they need.

The bill was signed without fanfare in Boston on Monday, but I bet there was cheering in plenty of mail rooms.

And thanks, DickG., for the link.

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  1. jeez, I can’t imagine what that must be like, to be sent to a job and not even know the wage?

  2. I assumed this would done. Wow! We need legislation for that? I guess it’s another indicator of the risk in leaving it up to the employer to look out for employees.

  3. [snark] Come on, Jac! Geez, get with it and stop being such a knee-jerk librul!

    That bill is simply more Big Brother, Nanny-State, Job-Killing, totally unnecessary regulation getting in the way of the Job Creators! [/snark]

    1. What was I thinking! Yes, “Job Creators” like Linda McMahon are much more important than the actual jobs created. Unemployed? Get a job! Get your lazy ass out there and bark like a dog!

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