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The link between poverty and (mis)education

When it comes to economic inequality, and the cycle of poverty, I have been researching at my internship (New HaveScreen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.32.06 PM.pngn Reads) how the lack of proper education contributes to the cycle of poverty.

Specifically, the lack of suitable education, or education at all, provided for women creates a cycle of illiteracy, which results in the inability to gain tools necessary to make an income.

Nearly two-thirds of illiterate adults worldwide are women, it is estimated that 496 million women 15 years of age and older are illiterate. The cycle of Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 2.31.29 PM.pngpoverty is parallel to illiteracy rates. While efforts have been put in globally and nationally to improve the quality of education among women, those who missed out on the proper education early on in their formative years still feel the effects today. It is estimated that if a student is not reading proficiently by the 4th grade, that student has a 78 percebt chance of never catching up.

This is a factor to the wealth inequality and income inequality rampant in our country. While the statistics provide information globally, improper education among America’s youth definitely serve as a catalyst to perpetuate the income gap the nation faces.

By Sarah DeMatteis


Ladies (and gentlemen)? We march.

screenshot-2017-01-16-13-08-51This is a Google map of the warming stations that are opening in and around the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday.

It struck me this weekend that about the time the inaugural balls are winding down, and the new president is taking to Twitter to create his sham of a reality, my bus from Middletown, Conn., will be revving up. I know at least one woman busing in from Minnesota. She said she will spend 48 hours on a bus for a six-hour march. Now that’s dedication. My bus leaves in the wee hours, arrives in D.C. around 7 a.m., and the leaves again at 1 (I think).

This is in addition to multiple marches around the country, for people who aren’t coming to D.C.

I’ve already started packing my no-bigger-than-8-by-6-by-4-inch bag — hand warmers given to me by my friend, Steve; a change of socks; snacks; more snacks; phone; charger for phone. I think it will be uncomfortable and exhilarating.

We march!

I killed a post

It was — or so I thought — a benign little post about living in a bubble, or not circulating enough among people who don’t look and smell like you. It linked to a PBS page but the little bubble test was written by a racist who doesn’t have a lot of love for women:

That link is new. It wasn’t there when I originally stumbled across the test, but really, I am responsible for the things I link to, and a little more research on my part would have kept me from writing that post in the first place. A test by someone like Charles Murray is anything but benign. My apologies.

And thanks, Leftover.

Have you heard of Professor Watchlist?

imagesI really wish I could make the Professor Watchlist for radical academics,  and be like this guy, a dangerous professor.


We are NOT counting our chickens before they hatch, but…


This just in…

beth-moore-2While male evangelical leaders are sticking with Whatzisname, prominent female evangelical leaders (like Beth Moore, above) are breaking from their male peers and asking: When will you believe me and stand by me?

You can read more here.

And thanks, Cynical.

Baltimore schools won’t close for Muslim holidays

2016-01-26-1453774738-4691513-AmaraMajeedOn Tuesday, the Baltimore County school board failed to vote to close schools for Muslim holidays such as Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr, when they coincide with a school day.

The dissenting school board members said the schools can only close for secular reasons. Oddly, the schools are closed over Christmas (not a secular holiday) and Easter (also not a secular holiday).

The board says it will continue to study the issue.