What you need to know about “premium support” and Medicare…

…especially as it pertains to vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Read it and learn to counter the myths floating around out there.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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  1. Paul Ryan’s proposal sounds good on the surface, but it is false and rotten to the core.

    He totally ignores the fact that his proposal locks into the healthcare system a huge amount (20% or more) for private for-profit health insurer profits. Medicare (or any other single payer system that is not private for-profit) doesn’t have that added load.

    He also tries to make it sound like he is creating a system of competition among health care providers. He isn’t. His system does NOTHING except support private, for-profit health care INSURERS. He is supporting private health care insurers, none of whom provide on iota of health care.

    Oh, and Ryan is a devout Christian? I beg to differ.

    OK, now looking at Medicare…. I hope people are paying attention to the seriously powerful pressure Medicare is applying to hospitals that have re-admissions within 30 days (which are VERY expensive). Is that government regulation failing? Is that wasteful? Nope, neither.

    Some of Medicare’s costs? Mandated by Congress, which passed the law that said that Medicare CANNOT negotiate with drug companies over price. Say what??!!??!!? WTF??!!? Why, pray tell, would a legislator be in favor of such a thing????

    Oh I forgot. They have been bought!!!!!!!! And that applies to the idiots who claim to be fiscal conservatives.

    Sorry, but some of those folks need to be eliminated. We need to purge sociopaths from our legislative branch. It simply needs to be done.

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