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Bless these 41,000 doctors

Hands pulling at both ends of a rope to secure a half-hitch knot (Dorling Kindersley photo)

Leftover sends this: California’s largest medical association is joining a lawsuit against Dignity Health, a Catholic hospital system, for denial of service. The California Medical Association is joining the ACLU in the suit.

Dignity Health, according to the suit, is

using religious directives to deny patients basic reproductive health care.

You can read more here.

Can we keep politics out of health care?

IMG_PPYeah. I didn’t think so. But I wrote this for CT Health Investigative Team, anyway.

Having just sworn off soda, I found this interesting:

CfjOEbSWEAAWsEQA Starbucks customer discovered a judgmental note stamped on his 16-ounce white mocha shake and was angry.

Except: Deeper investigations find that the customer may have stamped the note, himself. Or another employee stamped the note, all of which is weird.

What’s interesting (to me) is the amount of sugar in these drinks. I’m cool if you want to suck down multiple grams of sugar. That’s your poison, but I can tell you I am in the throes of withdrawal after stopping my soda intake a week ago — headaches, stomach aches, the whole nine. So by all means, drink up! Because life without syrup-in-a-can is pretty rotten (right now).

Why Medicaid for Flint, and Medicare for Montana?

635890100798651879-012215-flint-water-issues-rg-01Leftover sends this, an exploration as to why the folks of Flint, Mich., were given Medicaid for their toxic water, and the folks of Libby, Mont., were given Medicare for life. Writes Donna Smith at Common Dreams:

Governor Snyder pressed the Feds to expand Medicaid coverage to children and youth under 21 years old and to pregnant women.  The Obama administration quickly approved the Medicaid expansion requested by Gov. Snyder – the man who is responsible for poisoning Flint residents, and the man who should resign as Michigan’s governor.  This Medicaid expansion for Flint was done under Section 1115 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

Why would that be? Writes Smith:

The residents of Libby, MT, are 95.1 % white as of the last census.  Median household income is just below $30,000/year.


The residents of Flint are nearly 60% African American as of the last census.  Median household income is approx. $26,000/year.

Check out the discouraging numbers about diabetes among communities of color

download (1)I wrote this for C-HIT.

In the absence of adequate mental health facilities…

prison…let’s use our prisons.

Read this Vox piece, on how law enforcement deals with people who have mental illnesses. The article includes:

It’s a terrifying statistic: Someone with an untreated mental illness is 16 times more likely to be killed by police than other civilians approached or stopped by law enforcement, according to a 2015 report by the Treatment Advocacy Center.

Our day finally came

It’s now officially hip to be sober — though once a media outlet proclaims something is hip, it’s usually about three weeks too late.

(I am sober by virtue of the fact that I grew up fundamentalist, and simply missed the time period when one finds one’s signature alcoholic drink.)