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Girl doctors get things done

download-1At least, that’s the general finding of a new Harvard study (and thanks, Leftover, for sending it). According to the study, elderly hospitalized patients are less likely to die within a month of admission, and less likely to be readmitted within a month after discharge.

(The study said that if boy doctors worked so well, there’d be 32,000 less deaths among Medicare patients alone.)




Why did Obamacare enrollees vote for Trump?

kentuckySee this article at Vox. From Sarah Kliff:

Obamacare’s success in Whitley County and across Kentucky hasn’t translated into political support for the law. In fact, 82 percent of Whitley voters supported Donald Trump in the presidential election, even though he promised to repeal it.


What happens if there’s a partial repeal on Obamacare?

purchase-health-insurance-policyFrom the Urban Institute:

The number of uninsured people would rise from 28.9 million to 58.7 million in 2019, an increase of 29.8 million people (103 percent). The share of non-elderly people without insurance would increase from 11 percent to 21 percent, a higher rate of uninsurance than before the ACA because of the disruption to the non-group insurance market.

Of the 29.8 million newly uninsured, 22.5 million people would become uninsured as a result of eliminating the premium tax credits, the Medicaid expansion, and the individual mandate. The additional 7.3 million people would become uninsured because of the near collapse of the non-group insurance market.

And that’s just for starters. You can read the entire report, “Implications of a Partial Repeal of the ACA Through Reconciliation,”  here. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

Ladies? Guess who bears the brunt of Trump’s version of Obamacare?

obamacare-and-womenYou do.

I wrote this for CT Health Investigative team.

WHO: Tax soda

182338-425x283-best-selling-sodasThe World Health Organization is urging governments worldwide to tax sodas, as a way of combating obesity.

Whether countries will take that recommendation is another issue entirely. You can read more here. Let the discussions of Big Nanny begin, but personally? I don’t think this is such a bad idea.

Massachusetts’ mental health system is broken

Title-SpotlightRead the Boston Globe’s Spotlight’s latest effort. And thanks, Jac, for sending the link.

And don’t think, just because you don’t live in Massachusetts, that things are cool in your state. They’re not. If other states had these kinds of reporters, they’d tell sadly similar stories.

Hundreds of U.S. hospitals follow Catholic directives on reproductive care

Which means hundreds of thousands of women are not getting appropriate care, even when their lives are in jeopardy.

deniedNew reports from the ACLU and MergerWatch say that one in every six hospital beds in the U.S. is in a facility that complies with Catholic directives which prohibit a range of reproductive health care services.

The report, “Health Care Denied,” says:

In some places, such as Washington State, more than 40 percent of all hospital beds are in a Catholic hospital, and entire regions have no other option for hospital care. Catholic hospitals also receive billions in taxpayer dollars.4 These hospitals should not be permitted to turn away patients seeking emergency medical care, to discriminate against women by refusing to provide critical reproductive health services, or to force their values on patients who may not share them.