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A father’s letter to an anti-vax family

disneyland-00-fullDr. Tim Jacks wrote a letter to the parent(s) of an unvaccinated child with measles, who exposed Dr. Jacks’ child to the illness. Dr. Jacks’ child has cancer. From the letter:

I assume you love your child just like I love mine. I assume that you are trying to make good choices regarding their care. Please realize that your child does not live in a bubble. When your child gets sick, other children are exposed. My children. Why would you knowingly expose anyone to your sick, unvaccinated child after recently visiting Disneyland? That was a bone-headed move.

Officials count 102 cases of measles, most stemming from Disneyland. And, just to get a little politic, here’s a little bit on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and the anti-vax crowd. And here‘s Sen. Rand Paul’s stance on vaccinations, hwich includes a concern that vaccines can cause “profound mental disorders.”

Penn and Teller on vaccinations (NSFW)

Here’s a fascinating history of the anti-vax movement. Note the role that religion has played (which is why this YouTube video has been deemed DatingJesus-worthy).

The discussion has heated up since more than 70 cases of measles were traced to Disneyland

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The demise of single payer started a long time ago — a guest blog by Leftover

For frequent readers of this blog, Leftover needs no introduction. He’s been a vigorous and thought-provoking commenter for years. This is his first Dating Jesus blog post:
Single Payer is dead. After a long struggle against the neoliberal commodification of healthcare, Single Payer has succumbed to the demands of our Hayekian market society that dictate healthcare, among other things, be rationed on the basis of economic class…Affordability. Political opportunism, cottage-industry reformism, and simple common sense kept Single Payer on life support until it was clear only a specter of the public demand for universal healthcare remained. Sadly, however, the neoliberal priority of Profit over patient outcomes has consigned that specter to just a footnote in history. The plug has been pulled. Ashes have been scattered. No headstone will be raised.
The demise of Single Payer began in 1994, when First Lady Hillary Clinton warned a gathering at the Lehman Brothers Health Corporation that Single Payer was, in her view then, inevitable without national healthcare legislation, a private/public partnership, that institutionalized market priorities within the healthcare system.
“The market [alone] cannot deliver universal coverage in the foreseeable future, and any compromise that people try to suggest that would permit the market to have a few years to try to deliver universal coverage without a mandate that would take effect to actually finish the job will guarantee a single payer heath care system.”
The rest is history. The Clinton model of reform, which stressed shared responsibility, (the business mandate), and included some Single Payer proposals, (like employing global budgeting), was marginalized. Heeding Mrs. Clinton’s warning, however, market interests rolled out the Propaganda Model to manipulate public desire for universal healthcare into acceptance of market mythology stating true universal healthcare was unsustainable. Market determination of who deserved healthcare, regardless of the costs, became preferable to saving hundreds of billions of dollars every year through proven methods of cost control, progressive taxation and reducing amenable mortality inherent in the existing system of rationing.
Enter Barack Obama. Market failures, fraud, waste, rising deficits, and a crashed economy once again made national healthcare reform a viable political opportunity.  Once again, the public expressed its desire for universal healthcare. Once again, the Propaganda Model was rolled out. Bait-and-switch scams like the Public Option and The Employer Mandate were foisted upon the public to manufacture consent for, essentially, business as usual with a few token reforms.  The Public Option was “sacrificed.” Healthcare became synonymous with health insurance. The individual mandate became law.  Shared responsibility is being dismantled. Subsidies through Federally Facilitated Marketplace are at risk. Regressive taxation and privatization secure industry profits. “[M]aking sure that every American has the security of quality, affordable health care” means leaving tens of millions without health insurance. And, most importantly, public understanding of healthcare has been permanently altered to reflect the overarching principle of neoliberal commodification: Profit.

Spanish health care providers say yes to caring for immigrants

The Spanish government has cut funding to programs that provide health care to undocumented workers. Now see if you can figure out what the health care providers are saying in this ads.

A quiz! (Just how ignorant are the attacks on Planned Parenthood?)

Find out here.

What you need to know about “premium support” and Medicare…

…especially as it pertains to vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Read it and learn to counter the myths floating around out there.

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

Gun violence is a social disease

So says public health experts, according to this USA Today story.

And here’s a bit more on gun violence in an NPR story that says there’s no simple answer.

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