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Our day finally came

It’s now officially hip to be sober — though once a media outlet proclaims something is hip, it’s usually about three weeks too late.

(I am sober by virtue of the fact that I grew up fundamentalist, and simply missed the time period when one finds one’s signature alcoholic drink.)

Wealth and income inequality is bad for your health

12780488-Big-pile-of-the-money-Green-dollars-USA-3D-concept-Isolated-on-white-background--Stock-PhotoMoney can’t buy health.

In which I look into my crystal ball…

crystal_ball…and guess what’s coming up in health care.

I wrote this for the CT Health Investigative Team. And I really hope no one remembers it in December, just in case everything I guessed was wrong.

His right to die: Kevin Drum

downloadLeftover sends this incredible piece by Kevin Drum, at Mother Jones. It includes this:

There’s no known treatment that puts multiple myeloma in complete remission, but the goal is to get close enough to zero that the cancerous cells are undetectable. I’m nowhere near that yet.

I may still get there. And if my current medication doesn’t do the job, there are other things to try. Nonetheless, even though I feel fine, the grim fact is that I’m responding to the chemotherapy only modestly.

So how long do I have to live? Five years? Ten years? Two? No one knows. But I’m 57 years old, and death is no longer so far away that I never think about it. The odds are slim that I’ll ever collect a Social Security check.

That makes this story a very personal one.

Check out this interactive map about women’s health

HIV2How’d your state doe in the Kaiser Family Foundation’s data in State Profiles for Women’s Health?

As Leftover (who sent the link in the first place) says:

Check out the number of births financed with Medicaid in 2013. 45 percent. Considering our tragically high maternal mortality rate, might there be a correlation?

Check out the disproportionate rate of African American women living with HIV


Look at the number of women who report poor mental health status.

We are doing a lot wrong, aren’t we?

Why is our maternal mortality rate so high?

downloadThere are all kinds of theories, but only one of them is benign.

I wrote this for the CT Health Investigative Team, which celebrates its fifth birthday this month.

Don’t let the title throw you

download (1)DickG. sends this: Five Reasons to NOT Vaccinate Your Kids.

Just read it. Really.