“The Daily Show’s” take on homelessness: A-men!

Say hello to Sis. Barbara’s first submission as a Dating Jesus correspondent. And thank you, Bro. Jon.

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  1. This approach sure seems to make sense. Spend a little instead of spending a lot, and help people get their lives back at the same time.

    Granted, this isn’t what Fox wants anybody to think. But it seems that Fox merely wants to relegate the homeless to absolute destitution, with no attention to the consequences.

    Isn’t Fox the bunch-o-morons who rant and rail about the war on Christmas, the war on Christians? Well, they (the Fox puppets) sure as hell are NOT Christian, so why are they complaining?

    PS. I don’t qualify as a Christian (Christians have this litmus test, and I don’t pass it). I’m more of an agnostic with a belief that there is some kind of loving deity out there. BUT, if there are some “Christians” out there who want to debate this kind of thing, well, as your political “Savior” said a few short years ago, “Bring it on!”

  2. That’s great! I hope we can do that here.

    I came across the article in the link below on what to do to help homeless people (when it’s cold and we don’t yet have homes to give away).

    It’s a year old, but it has some great links in it. Here’s one that can help identify homeless shelters and affordable housing, anywhere in the country:

    No one should have to stay out in this cold weather.

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