Because war and hunger and homelessness are really only trifling affairs:

l_shutterstock_sad-santa_1200x675The House of Representatives has introduced a resolution defending Christmas — which is really kind of stunning, considering Christmas has been just fine for eons without their support.

My God. Can this session end quickly enough? The resolution’s 35 co-sponsors of this benighted waste of time have managed a two-fer: They’ve made Santa sad, and they’ve made Baby Jesus cry.

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  1. This idiocy gets so tiresome so in the spirit of the season let me share a holiday story (I use the word holiday not as part of the “war on Christmas” but for reasons that will become apparent in a second, be patient).

    A group of folks in town went out caroling on Saturday night. It was a loosely organized affair, generally well received with an occasional Scrooge here and there. Houses were chosen at random along the meandering route. At one house the group was warmly received by the couple who lived there. They stood on their porch smiling, joining in on some of the tunes and as the group moved on the Rabbi and his wife thanked them for their songs and wished them all a Merry Christmas.

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