Well, THIS is embarrassing….conservative states rely heavily on govt aid.

poor-monkeys-merigoldCheck out this Washington Post Wonkblog piece , which includes:

…conservative states are among the most reliant on federal funding for revenues.

Mississippi and Louisiana are the two neediest states, with federal aid accounting for 43 percent and 42 percent of their respective overall revenues in fiscal 2013, according to an analysis published Wednesday by the Tax Foundation, which advocates for policies that lower taxes and broaden the tax base.

Here’s the study on which the blog post was based.


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  1. Compare Chokshi’s map with this map and this map.

    And I hate to keep repeating this…I don’t really but I’m trying to be polite…but notice how nobody…not Chokshi, not the Tax Foundation…nobody…makes any mention of this.

    That’s the problem. There can be no resolution without reversing that trend.

  2. “…nobody…not Chokshi, not the Tax Foundation…nobody…makes any mention of this.”
    Reminds me of the ILGWU placards in the subway, promoting the union’s efforts for its members by quoting pre-union rules: “If you don’t come to work on Sunday, don’t come in on Monday.”

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