The Chobani guy does it again

150618093619-business-tycoons-hamdi-ulukaya-2-780x439First, Hamdi Ulukaya, head of Chobani yogurt, stepped in to make a difference with the refugee crisis — and then he encouraged his fellows to do the same.

Then, on Tuesday, he gave shares to employees of his company plant. Some long-term employees (the number of shares was tied to tenure at the company) are going to walk away millionaires.

I started eating more Chobani when the news broke of the CEO’s work among refugees. Guess I’ll be extending my what’s-the-opposite-of-a-boycott.

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  1. Ulukaya almost makes me wish I could eat Chobani yogurt. But it’s not certified organic, has way too much sugar in its flavored varieties, (gotta watch that A1C), and is way more expensive than the certified organic product sold at our neighborhood grocer. Which, I’m told, has all those nifty active culture thingies that are supposed to make your stomach happy. (Mine has never been quite the same after all the antibiotics I got flushed with while in the hospital a few years ago.)

    Ulukaya will just have to be satisfied with my share of the taxpayer funded subsidies he used to open that Twin Falls plant. (Over $50 million.)

    1. I’m willing to give both tax money and my yogurt dollars to him, as I am not watching my diet other than giving up soda. Which I survived, by the way.

      1. Congratulations! (But be sure you keep an annual eye on that A1C.)

        I’m not much of a yogurt eater anyway. It’s just one of those must have things I have to eat to keep from taking pills every day. I usually just throw some on the shredded wheat or stir it into the Cream of the West. Greek yogurt is more palatable, though.

        And Twin Falls seems happy with Chobani, from what I can tell. (You have to kind of filter through the right-wing bigotry bullshit out here.) Labor seems fairly content as well. And the deal did force Twin Falls to seriously upgrade its water treatment plant. That’s always a good thing.

    2. On the A1C and yogurt taste – I sometimes go with “plain” yogurt (very low sugar) and then throw in strawberries or blueberries to sweeten. Sometimes you can find frozen berries that aren’t bad tasting and are not too expensive for stirring in. Of course, the in season fresh berries are the best. A little granola thrown in, too, is tasty, but that can be high in sugar.

      1. I eat Chobani and still throw in fruit. I have developed a new taste for yogurt.I wouldn’t eat it for years because it tasted rotten to me, as it rotted.

      2. Fruit is good. But my problem is I usually don’t want to spoil them by tossing them in yogurt. Sometimes I’ll use juice, (not syrup), from packaged fruit. But mostly I like to save that for the cottage cheese.

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