Good God, we look stupider and stupider

justin-trudeauCanada’s Prime Minster Justin Trudeau (seen here with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto) is lifting visa requirements for Mexican citizens who want to go to Canada, effective this December.

Trudeau made the announcement on the eve of the Three Amigos meeting between the two above, and Pres. Obama.

Meanwhile, the Republican’s presumptive candidate for President is still working the details of that wall thing out

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  1. First…the visa requirement link returns the practice test from the other post.

    Second…you know Obama’s up there, too…right?

    1. First: Oops.

      Second: I wrote that blog post yesterday and should have included Obama’s visit, which was imminent when I wrote it but still. Everyone needs an editor. Onward.

      1. We never look stupider when Obama’s around. A little shifty maybe. But not stupid.

        1. I just mostly (and a blog post never works when you have to explain it) wanted to compare Canada’s response to Mexico versus Trump’s suggested one.

          1. It is shameful. Trump’s response to Mexico has a lot of not-nice-not-bright Americans cheering him on. Those Trump supporters are dumbing America down.

          2. (I just checked and this got lost somewhere so I’ll reenter.)

            I’m sorry, but I have an acute case of Bad Attitude when it comes to North American neoliberal dudeplomacy that publicly ignores that a little more than a week before this lovefest Nieto’s federales opened fire on 500 striking teachers and their supporters in Nochixtlán, Oaxaca, killing 13 and wounding dozens of others.

            The three of them aren’t fooling working people in Mexico, (who are mighty pissed off, by the way), here or Canada (who probably haven’t even heard of Nochixtlán, Oaxaca or the teacher strikes.)

            So when it comes to who is making us look stupid, I get a little confused.

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