So all that for this:

screenshot-2016-11-06-15-35-04The October surprise that wasn’t. Polls open in 24 hours. You know what to do.


8 responses to “So all that for this:

  1. I wonder how he figured that out. Seriously. It took him two weeks to figure out he needed to go public with…essentially…nothing. Then it only took a week to figure out he actually had…essentially…nothing. A day and a half before polls open.

    Somebody’s got some splainin’ to do…..

    • Or someone oughta be sent back to his well-appointed Westport, CT, home.

      • Well…yeah…but still…
        There’s The Hatch Act, among other things, that needs to be addressed. Formally. Under oath. Before Congress. This is not what the FBI is supposed to be doing.

        I think somebody should be going through their emails. If they can find some.

  2. I hope it didn’t influence early voters.

    I can’t wait to vote! I can’t wait for the election to be over! I can’t wait to hear the words, “President Hillary Clinton”! And, I can’t wait to send Trump packing because he is a LOSER!

  3. Yup… he needs to go to prison for violating the Hatch Act. Shameful. I CANNOT wait until this circus is over. But then, we all know it will NEVER be over.

  4. I had to take a break from FB, because it’s making me NUTS!

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