Many families would have difficulty paying insurance premiums

indexA new Kaiser Family Foundation study says that one of the things that is credited with keeping healthcare costs low — higher cost sharing with consumers — is crippling for families struggling to make ends meet.

Which raises the question, what means the “affordable” in “Affordable Care Act?”

You can read the report here. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

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      1. A test of html syntax related to the email you forwarded.
        It is good, though, to see the economic argument becoming more forthright in healthcare reform analysis.

        If you’re interested, John Geyman MD of PNHP, Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine and author of the new book Obamacare is Unsustainable, has published around the web some slightly more detailed analyses of ObamaCareĀ® at age five:
        Access to Care
        Cost and Affordability of Care
        Quality of Care

        Not exceptionally long reads. Mostly summaries of what’s in the book. Maybe a little wonky, but not too much.

        1. Thanks for these. When I land somewhere this afternoon, I will read these links.

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