Stolen from Facebook: The Irish vote on marriage equality

spgayshambox‘Tis a made-up conversation, but on the eve of a historic vote in Ireland on marriage equality:

-One of me sons came ou’ there earlier.
-Fuckin’ hell – . How d’you feel about tha’?
-Your son, like. How did he come ou’?
-Through the back door. Same as the rest of us.
-Hang on – . He came ou’ the back?
-You’re fuckin’ messin’ with me again, aren’t yeh?
-No, I’m not. Me son came ou’ for a chat. We were ou’ on the deck.
-Yis have a deck?
-Since when?
-Since one o’ the grandkids took a pallet from behind the Spar an’
threw it on top o’ the fuckin’ grass. But – come here. Isn’t it fuckin’
amazin’ tha’ we can have a chat like this?
-Abou’ decks?
-No – abou’ comin’ ou’ an’ our kids an’ stuff like tha’. Not so long
ago –
-It would’ve been impossible.
-Well – not impossible. But – .
-Fuckin’ tricky.
-Very fuckin’ tricky. But – . More. There was a fella in my class in
school an’ – words like ‘gay’ an’ ‘camp’ didn’t exist back then the way
they do now. But he got a terrible fuckin’ time – from the the teachers
an’ the Brothers. Called him Twinkle-Toes an’ stuff like tha’. They
never let up – they battered him. An’ we laughed. We had to – I
remember thinkin’ tha’. Or they’d’ve murdered us as well.
-Wha’ was his real name?
-Jim. I was thinkin’ about him there. Wonderin’ – yeh know – how he
was. An’ that’s another reason I’ll be votin’ Yes.
-Well –
-Yeah – yeah. I suppose so.
-Same as meself, so.

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  1. It’s feckin’, not fuckin’. My Irish mother has just rolled over in her grave because her daughter used THAT WORD.

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