What curse word is favored in your state?

fuck_giWell, in the Northeast, we like the f-word and “asshole.” The blog Strong Language geo-coded tweets, and the results are pretty — well — damning.

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  1. I don’t think tweets are a very good indicator of that type of thing. Out West anyway. Traditionally, we like to save our expletives for your face.

    But…I don’t twitter unless I’m mildly amused…and I don’t tweet unless compelled by an overindulgence of complex carbohydrates. So what do I know.

    1. No, I think you point out a hole in this research. How many people — compared to the general population — tweet? They service has 300+ million users worldwide, but I think the most-quoted stat is that less than 20 percent of Americans use Twitter on anything like a regular basis. Is that group fairly representative of America? Nope.The average Twitter user is a 28-year old woman who likes purple. I did not make that up, but that stat is from something like 2012, so that’s most likely changed. I just thought it was funny.

      1. I did a quick look and that 20% figure is what I saw. More people subscribe and follow than tweet every day. Younger more than older. More women than men…but not by much.

        I didn’t delve too deep into the research because I always start to get upset when I realize somebody’s getting paid for this kind of thing and it’s just too early. I can’t get a good rage on until I’ve had Coffee#2.

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