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Discrimination doesn’t pay

hiring-discrimination-featuredFirms that discriminate in their hiring are more likely to go out of business within six years than are their fair-minded competitors, a new study says.

How two men who are homeless saved America

Well, they didn’t necessarily save America, but they did find a suspicious book bag and alert authorities in Elizabeth, N.J., on Saturday. The bag was found to contain five bombs, one of which exploded when an anti-bomb robot accidentally triggered it.

From The New Republic:

The fact that the two men were homeless is an important detail that should not be overlooked, given that homeless people are often stigmatized and criminalized for being in public places like train stations and parks. In this case, they were the “eyes on the street,” a notion about urban safety that was pioneered by the urbanist Jane Jacobs. Although she was mostly talking about neighbors and passersby, there is no reason why the notion cannot be expanded to include homeless people, who are often present and alert in public spaces and at the times of day when few else are around, such as non-peak commuting hours in New Jersey.

The Politico 50

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Pose For Group PhotoPolitico has chosen 50 movers/shakers/thinkers/dreamers/doers who are changing the way we seek to change the world.

I can’t stand the insides of some of these people (she said sweetly), but I suppose they are making change….

Did you avoid all 9/11 references yesterday?

national_park_service_9-11_statue_of_liberty_and_wtc_fireI found myself, on the 15th anniversary of the terrible attacks on the U.S., skipping over a lot of the commemorations, not because it’s wrong to mark the day — at all — but because I’ve been more interested in grabbling with the question: Did we learn anything?

I learned there’s a lot I don’t know.

I learned that some people will seek to inflate their role post-9/11, which is, to me, as gross as gross can be.

I learned that for some people, those attacks did nothing more than reaffirm their already closely-held world view, that it’s a big, scary world and we should fear it.

But did we learn love? Did we learn understanding?


Interfaith Paint Off!

paint-8The Berlin Mosque is hosting an Interfaith Paint Off from 3-6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18, at the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford (the more formal name of the Berlin Mosque) at 1781 Berlin Turnpike in Berlin, Conn.

This is a great way to mingle and have fun.

You can RSVP here (and RSVP is required; the hosts need to how much paint to buy).


The middle class is not mentioned in the Bible

Homeless man begs for money in the Financial District in San FranciscoRead this thought-provoking piece by Ryan McAnnally-Linz and Miroslav Volf are the authors of “Public Faith in Action: How to Think Critically, Engage Wisely, and Vote with Integrity.” McAnnally-Linz and Volf explore politicians’ (all of them) focus on the middle class (which didn’t exist in Biblical times), at near complete exclusion of the poor (who did).

Do you need Islamophobin?

You can read more here.