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Here’s an idea that’s novel but not that new: TOD

Light-rail-in-Martin-Place1I wrote this for WNPR. Transit-oriented development, or TOD, just might be good for what ails us.

And thanks, Melville Charitable Trust, for the financial support to do this kind of story.

A pro-worker agenda is an anti-poverty agenda

Read this at

For the CT housing data geek in you:

Recognizing that that’s a pretty small group: Partnership for Strong Communities has published its annual Housing Data Profiles here.

By delving in, I find that I helped boost my new town’s population by 2 percent since the year 2000. And my town’s median household income is a walloping $110,761 (compared to $69k and change in the state). I amĀ among the town’s 11 percent who rent, and 48 percent of the town’s housing stock has four or more bedrooms.

I? Have landed in the lap of the 1%. Wanna come use my beach?

Should 40 hours be sufficient?

Bernie Sanders put this on Twitter yesterday:

If you work 40 hours a week, you have a right not to live in poverty.


We do not, as a rule, endorse bands but:

The Foo Fighters put on an awesome show (but who writes Kansas City Star’s headlines that say the band aroused “a riotous joy”) in Kansas City recently, both in their concert, and in their pre-concert-counter-protest against the Group That Won’t Be Named.

Rock. On. (And if you want to know what means “Rick Roll’d,” go here.

Happy Monday

As I tossed and turned in bed last night, preparing for my first day of school worrying about the great issues of academia (“Will I be able to unlock my office door with the new key?”) this kept going through my head.

A letter to a kindergarten teacher from an adoptive mother

downloadRight here, from the Washington Post.

(It’s very sweet and informative. I highly recommend this piece.)