Mormons to Trump: No. Thank you.

Über Mormon Mitt Romney is no fan of Republican presidential candidate (I still get a little shiver when I type that) Donald Trump, and it looks like the entire Mormon church will be turning their backs, as well.

What does that mean? Read this. It might explain things.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

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  1. “[T]he Mormon Church has effectively put up a barricade against any advances by Trump into their good graces.”
    How? By voting for Cruz in the primaries? Didn’t the Utah delegation at the RNC go all in for Trump? Governor Herbert has modified his misgivings about Trump’s candidacy since the RNC and the selection of Pence as running mate. And the Utah Republican Party is unequivocal in its Party loyalty. If Mittens’ position on Trump had any influence on Mormon politics in Utah, it certainly isn’t noticeable.

    Mormons may not like Trump, but they hate…and fear…Clinton. They’ll vote Libertarian if they lose confidence in Pence and a GOP controlled Congress to rein in Trump’s bigoted nationalism. And that does exactly nobody any good.

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