One response to “Facts!

  1. This chart from the National Safety Council…which concurs with the OMG Facts assertion on odds of dying from firearm assault in the US…also points out…

    Keep in mind these odds are statistical averages over the entire U.S. population [over a lifetime based on this chart from the Insurance Information Institute which lists individual odds of dying from a firearm assault in 2013 as 1 in 28,208] and do not necessarily reflect the chances of death for a particular person from a particular external cause. Odds of dying are affected by an individual’s activities, occupation, and where he or she lives and drives, among other things.

    If you look at FBI data on total murders by weapon type, charted here by Quandl, you’ll see that murders by firearms, (like all murders), dropped about 10% in just one year. So if that trend is continuing, odds are actually getting better, despite an increase in firearms manufacturing and commercial sales (NPR).

    Data is so fun.

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