I hereby offer myself as Donald J. Trump’s spiritual adviser…

…as I don’t think Franklin Graham is up to the task.

2f57657b00000578-3358633-image-a-2_1450046891428News has broken that Russia has “compromising” information on the president-elect that may involve “perverted sexual acts” including having Russian prostitutes perform “golden shower shows” for him on a bed once slept in by the Obamas.

If you have not heard of “golden showers,” perhaps you can refer to Google as I’m trying to be dainty here.

Here is the full report, unverified and containing some errors, according to news sources that chose to share it. Most of them declined, until they were able to better verify it. So you know the drill, as Sharon has said on social media. The disgraced pol must find a spiritual adviser — STAT — and then repent — though this particular pol reacted thus:


Well, no huge surprise there. But while Bro. Don works out his own salvation, I stand ready. And I will figure out how to talk to the grandkids about this, something along the lines of “Kids? Granny needs to talk to you about something in the news today. Now, a ‘golden shower’ is when two people love each other very much…”

Or, more likely, “Kids? Golden showers spread disease. Don’t do it.” Was this report a hoax? We’ll see…

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    1. To me? To Trump supporters? Or to the world at large? The golden showers are a sideshow, true or no. The deep ties? More than a sideshow. We will, if we shrug at this, have to admit out loud that we don’t mind such blatant manipulation of our elections.

      1. To the reality of the situation.
        It’s all a sideshow.
        Who is manipulating our elections? More than the corporate media. More than corporate persons. More than gerrymandering and good ol’ fashioned American disenfranchising. More than money.
        The diabolical plot to “undermine the US-led liberal democratic order [and in 2016] undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency” by telling Americans the truth?

        Democrats spent more money and turned out more votes for President than the Republicans and still lost. They lost because they weren’t paying attention. Five key States, all previously Democratic Party strongholds, flipped for Trump, giving him the TKO. Never mind that public faith in the US democratic process was already at a low point. Never mind that both Presidential candidates were the most despised in modern history. Never mind that if millennials had bothered to vote the outcome would have been different. The Democrats lost because they believed their own bullshit. They got outsmarted by an amateur politician who knew more about public relations than they did.

        The Democrats lost the election because they turned their backs on working class Americans a very long time ago. And…as usual…they want somebody else to take the blame (Russia) and pay the price (you and me).

        1. We don’t entirely agree. While I agree that the Dems became Republican Lite — to a certain extent — I don’t think shrugging over this blatant nonsense is the answer.

          1. We agree it’s nonsense. And we agree it’s blatant. We disagree on who is manipulating who. And we disagree on shrugging.

            I’m not shrugging this off. But because I reject the blind faith necessary to believe in all these unverifiable claims and preposterous scandal mongering, I am characterized as uncaring, cavalier, out of touch with reality.
            Another Scarlet Letter for leftover.
            I’m used to it.

            1. I am accusing you of none of those things. I was thinking last night that those of us who can still get outraged are sometimes like teenagers who just learned something REALLY interesting g in biology. “You guys? Did you know…” I include myself in that.

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