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Where are the women?

They’re certainly not at Davos discussing Big Things and Thinking Big Thoughts at the World Economic Forum. Women comprise just 18 percent of the attendees.

Uh-oh. Check out the clergy pay gap. It’s bad.

Gender-Pay-Gap-Clergy-506x640Jac sends this, which includes this:

New national data reveals that women clergy earn 76 cents for each dollar earned by male clergy.

Nice try, IBM

mediumIBM sought to interest the ladies in the tech field, by encouraging them to #HackaHairDryer, because we all know lady brains love beauty products.

The results were predictable (Science! It’s the New Pretty!). And hilarious. And thanks, Annie, for the link.

Women are not equal in the U.S.

840629969_122163c283A new United Nations report says that it’s a myth that women are equal in the U.S.

We aren’t. Far from it. From the report:

US women do not take their rightful place as citizens of the world’s leading economy, which has one of the highest rates of per capita income. In the US, women fall behind international standards as regards their public and political representation, their economic and social rights and their health and safety protections.

You can read more here, from Laura Marsh.

48 things women hear (and men don’t)

Right here.

Image result for small smiling girlHells, yeah. And thanks, Jac, for the link.

Best thing I’ve read all week…

54b85e6467548_-_elle-00-vintage-women-drinking-h-elh,,,comes from Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, called “Woman Facts:”

Behind men’s backs, all women speak French.

The “period” is a myth devised by the 1810 Ladies’ Secret Conclave. Tampons actually serve to prevent the genie from escaping.
If you stare at a woman for over a minute without protective lenses, you will go insane.
Whenever a man leaves a room full of women, all the women sigh dramatically and mutter, “Not man enough!”



What if action heroes were female?

Thanks, GoldieBlox.