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What a lot of crap over what a woman wears to the beach

Through all the chatter about burkinis, etc., I found this to be instructive. And quite well-written.

Onward, into the surf. And shut up if you think you can tell me or my sisters what to wear.


The lottery of indecency


And another thing…

The Olympics are over, but the coverage thereof leaves a certain…taste…in the mouth, yes?

And thanks, Enza, for the link.

An Olympic swimmer from China mentioned her menstrual period

fu-yuanhui-usatsi_9437570And she quickly became an internet sensation.

Already a crowd favorite, Fu Yuanhui mentioned getting her period on a day when she competed in the Olympics’ 4x100m medley relay, and the world went wild because who knew that women had menstrual periods that might come along at inopportune times?

Well, all of us knew that but few of us talk about it. The Chinese swimmer was quick to say that her period was not an excuse for a less-than-gold-medal-level performance. Good for her. It happens.

Call your mother

imagesMuch was made at the DNC over Bill Clinton’s speech about his wife, the Democratic presidential nominee. Ol’ Bill’s speech, it was said, humanized her. It made her seem somehow more approachable, maybe likable, even, according to the talking heads.

Well, here’s the deal: “Approachability” is not even on my long list of things I want in a president, and I don’t remember a time when male candidates needed to jump through this particular hoop. Maybe some people are looking for approachable because she’s a woman, and women, well, it’s just too stupid to go into here, but: I don’t care if she wears pantsuits or skirts or likes long walks on the beach. I won’t be running into her at the Stop & Shop to swap recipes so I don’t care if she’s friendly. I want to know she can keep her calm in the war room, that she knows how to strategize, that she can put her ego aside, when necessary, to make important compromises.

I’m old enough to remember how the press (that would be people like me) fell all over themselves to write about First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s hair (Headband? No? Bangs? Yes?). It was stupid then and it’s even stupider now. We’ve had a couple of decades to get accustomed to the idea that girls can be president, and we should act accordingly.

Keep your “human.” I only care if she’s a policy wonk who stays up late doing her homework. If you need soothing tones, call your mother. I prefer a leader.

Is foreclosure a feminist issue?

@mx_640Why, yes. Yes it is.

For more information, go here. Or here.

“‘Cos I like it”

Read this, and then blow this little boy a kiss. Four words and he summed the world up nicely.