Swords up, ladies.

Republican legislators in five different states have introduced bills that would quell peaceful demonstrations. Here’s an example of one from North Dakota. Motorists can run over and kill a protester blocking access — provided it was an accident. Here’s more on a bill in Minnesota. Legislators should know this will not quiet the demonstrations. If anything, […]

How can someone with such dreamy eyes be such a turd?

House Speaker Paul Ryan (who said once he was reformed and would not treat people who are poor with a newfound respect) has announced new legislation that will repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and defund Planned Parenthood, to boot. Here’s more on the topic. And what would happen if Planned Parenthood is defunded? From […]

Tell me if you’ve heard this one:

Mike the Heathen sends this, a meditation on how the sight of a woman’s Lady Parts is enough to frighten off the Devil. Cool, right? If you click on the link and read the poem, the young woman exposing herself did so in reaction to the Devil’s entreaties — if I can use such a […]

Hillary Clinton is a woman

In case that’s floated right past you, the Democratic candidate for president is a woman. I know, right? Who cares? Besides: Early on, she wasn’t even my candidate, but old age has rendered me pragmatic, and now she is. She, of the two candidates with the greater likelihood of winning the race, most closely aligns […]

Latina women? Take your vitamins.

According to a new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, you’ll need your vitamins because if trends continue as they have, it will be 232 years before you reach pay equity. Happy Latinas Equal Pay Day. Every year, Latinas must work until Nov. 1 in order to earn what white men earned the […]