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How to talk to little girls

Cute young black little girl reading a book

Cute young black little girl reading a book

When you see a little girl, try to resist complimenting her looks. Ask her what book she’s reading.

Here. Lisa Bloom says it better here.

And forgive me. This came to me last week, and I filed it and forgot who suggested it, so if you want to ‘fess up, I’ll add a thanks here.

Some weirdness on the coverage of women’s sports:

clickCynical sends this, a Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting report that says despite the popularity of women’s sports today, the topic got more coverage back in the late ’90s, early ’00s.


Some Republicans are pushing OTC birth control

indexSens. Cory Gardner of Colorado and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire are leading the push for over-the-counter birth control pills.

And you know what? They’re Republicans.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists approves. So Democrats? What say you?

Thanks, Leftover, for the link.

Girl scientists can’t help being distractingly sexy

CHOOq4rWMAAuJcSAnd so they took to Twitter to apologize, cheetah poop and all.

I’d say this was an entirely appropriate response to Nobel laureate Tim Hunt’s remarks about women in labs, which included this:

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry.”

Oh, har, har. Yuck it up, as Hunt has since resigned from his honorary, no-pay position in London.

And thanks, Katti, for the link.

In Quiverfull Land, men are stupid and easily lead

defraudAt least, when the Duggars try to explain why their women dress modestly, that’s what I get out of it. Sherry sends this link, which explores how women are taught to protect the men around them by not accentuating their bodies, because, well, boys will be boys.

That’s funny. I choose to dress modestly — and always have — because my body is mine and I don’t choose to share even a glimpse of it with any one I don’t know really really well. I am under no delusion that my body is or ever was a stumbling block. It is what encases my soul and has precisely nothing to do with any one else, unless I choose to make it so. And if we don’t start talking about white male privilege in regard to Josh Duggar’s sexual assaults, we are missing a golden opportunity. That, and the propensity of evangelical churches to protect the likes of Josh. Maybe those two topics are the same thing…


Oh, Missouri. You break my heart.

mmissouriAetna Inc. paid for nine abortions in my home state of Missouri, and must now pay a $4.5 million fine because in the Show Me State, every sperm is sacred.

Part of the fine also covered the insurer not paying certain coverage for autism. In Missouri, abortions aren’t covered unless a woman pays for separate coverage, if you can imagine that.

Fer cryin’ out loud, Missouri. And thanks, Jac, for the link.

What means “special training on dealing with women?”

Austin, Texas, greeted its first-ever female majority city council with a two-hour training session for city staff on how to work with women. And evidently, the training was planned by this guy, now on administrative leave pending an investigation.

You can read more here. Evidently, women ask more questions. (Whaaaat?) And we want the story behind the numbers. And sometimes? We just like a good cry. I made that last one up.

The facilitator knows all this because he has an 11-year old daughter.

And thanks, Diane, for the link.