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Bless these 41,000 doctors

Hands pulling at both ends of a rope to secure a half-hitch knot (Dorling Kindersley photo)

Leftover sends this: California’s largest medical association is joining a lawsuit against Dignity Health, a Catholic hospital system, for denial of service. The California Medical Association is joining the ACLU in the suit.

Dignity Health, according to the suit, is

using religious directives to deny patients basic reproductive health care.

You can read more here.

If we’re aiming for new lows in misogyny…

download…as it says here, in The New Republic, that works out very well for me.

I have nothing on my plate but fighting back. Join me?

A big bow to a warrior chief

b54f8a77d1aa479399009a503e27fc6a_18Theresa Kachindamoto, senior chief in the Dedza District in Central Malawi, broke up multiple child marriages, because she could.

Let’s let Pat Robertson Biblesplain Donald Trump’s gaffe from last week

And yes, I stole “Biblesplain” from here.

Putting Rep. Gohmert (R-Texas) on your prayer list

Father of three daughters Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, opposes two bills that would encourage women to go into science because, he says…

“Washington is always a step behind…we want to take time from our $19 trillion in debt to demand that the National Science Foundation discriminate based on gender.”

Yow. Read those bills again, Rep. Gohmert. And then go talk to your colleague Rep. Elizabeth Esty, a Connecticut Democrat who’s pushing the bill. And then read this. And this. And know that we are praying for you.


And thanks, Jac, for the link.

Stop showing your titties and calling it “empowering.”

downloadThank you, Glenda, for this essay from Jacqueline Lunn, which asks the age-old question: If you’re Kim Kardashian and prone to posting naked or near-naked photos of yourself, are you moving the feminist ball down the court at all? Lunn thinks not. She writes:

Have a think for a second. Please. Kim K in another nude selfie is not empowering for women. Stop using the word empowering when you really mean marketing. They are not interchangeable words just as burgundy does not mean the same thing as table.

I’m on board with Lunn. Dress for what you’re most proud of, and if you’re showing skin, don’t call it “empowering.” I know I part paths with some feminists on this, but oh well.

Women are deeper than men

PF_2016.03.22_gender-07-01Made you look!

But check out this Pew Research Center report (and thanks, Leftover, for the link). There’s a lot of interesting stuff in there, but I was drawn to this:

…this study finds that, globally, women are more devout than men by several standard measures of religious commitment. But the study also reveals a more complex relationship between religion and gender than has been commonly assumed. While women generally are more religious, men display higher levels of religious commitment in some countries and religious groups. And in other contexts, there are few, if any, discernable gender differences in religion.

It’s a lot of stuff, but it is fascinating, particularly Chapter 7, from which the graph above was taken.