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Should women sign up for the draft?

Women-in-Combat-Revolutionary-War-jpgTwo military leaders testified yesterday that women should sign up for the draft — though the draft is mostly symbolic these days.

Women were recently cleared for combat duty in all armed services, though that was largely symbolic, as well, because women had been fighting in combat all along.

“Now that the restrictions that exempted women from [combat jobs] don’t exist, then you’re a citizen of a United States. It doesn’t mean you’re going to serve, but you go register.” — Gen. Robert B. Neller, Marine Corps commandant

I do not see the ability to join the military forces as a large step toward women’s freedom and equality but that’s mostly my ambivalence about the need for military forces. But if we say we’re equal, isn’t this a natural step toward that? I will cheerfully entertain your comments.

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Women are not equal in the U.S.

840629969_122163c283A new United Nations report says that it’s a myth that women are equal in the U.S.

We aren’t. Far from it. From the report:

US women do not take their rightful place as citizens of the world’s leading economy, which has one of the highest rates of per capita income. In the US, women fall behind international standards as regards their public and political representation, their economic and social rights and their health and safety protections.

You can read more here, from Laura Marsh.

48 things women hear (and men don’t)

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We all are getting screwed

10010Leftover sent this, an Economic Policy Institute report I missed last week, that looks at the wage gap between men and women. The introduction gives you an idea of what this report found:

…when compared with men, women are still paid less, are more likely to hold low-wage jobs, and are more likely to live in poverty. Gender wage disparities are present at all wage levels and within education categories, occupations, and sectors—sometimes to a grave degree.

But look at the graphic above. No worker’s pay has kept up with productivity. Women feel that the most, but the men aren’t being paid fairly, either. Since 1979, workers’ pay has not been tied to the consistent rise in productivity. So the money is going…where?

What if action heroes were female?

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Photoshopping men out of public portraits

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Like you’d ever have the chance, but:

web_full_694927156074Since Pope Francis is on U.S. soil for the first time, if you had 10 minutes with him, what would you say?

I’d congratulate him on bringing the conversation around to wealth and income inequality, and then I’d ask him to look at his church’s history with women, and focus his attention there, as well.

This is what an inmate in Philly’s largest jail would ask him.