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We all are getting screwed

10010Leftover sent this, an Economic Policy Institute report I missed last week, that looks at the wage gap between men and women. The introduction gives you an idea of what this report found:

…when compared with men, women are still paid less, are more likely to hold low-wage jobs, and are more likely to live in poverty. Gender wage disparities are present at all wage levels and within education categories, occupations, and sectors—sometimes to a grave degree.

But look at the graphic above. No worker’s pay has kept up with productivity. Women feel that the most, but the men aren’t being paid fairly, either. Since 1979, workers’ pay has not been tied to the consistent rise in productivity. So the money is going…where?

What if action heroes were female?

Thanks, GoldieBlox.

Photoshopping men out of public portraits

And you get this.

Like you’d ever have the chance, but:

web_full_694927156074Since Pope Francis is on U.S. soil for the first time, if you had 10 minutes with him, what would you say?

I’d congratulate him on bringing the conversation around to wealth and income inequality, and then I’d ask him to look at his church’s history with women, and focus his attention there, as well.

This is what an inmate in Philly’s largest jail would ask him.

Ladies? It’s not looking good for us, pay-wise.

Gender-Wage-Gap-2The Institute for Women’s Policy Research has released its latest findings on the gender pay gap and guess what?

The news isn’t good. In fact (from the report):

If the pace of change in the annual earnings ratio continues at the same rate as it has since 1960, it will take another 45 years, until 2059, for men and women to reach parity.

I shall be 100 that year. We need to move a lot faster.

Dear Pope: Lift the ban on women priests

download (1)Read this, by Roy Bourgeois at CounterPunch. Bourgeois says:

In 2012, after serving as a Catholic priest for 40 years, I was expelled from the priesthood because of my public support for the ordination of women. My expulsion from the priesthood by Pope Benedict came just five months before you became our Pope.

As Catholics, we are taught that men and women are created equal: “There is neither male nor female. In Christ you are one.” (Galatians 3:28). Pope Francis, why can’t women be priests?

Catholic priests say that the call to be a priest comes from God. As a young man serving in the military in Vietnam, I felt God calling me to be a priest. I was accepted into the Maryknoll Fathers and was ordained in 1972. In my years of ministry, I met many devout Catholic women who told me about their calling to the priesthood. They were all rejected because of their gender.

Pope Francis, who are we, as men, to say our call from God is authentic, but God’s call to women is not?

Amen. And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

Title IX can save your life

kathrine-switzer-boston-marathon-title-ix-640x429Or: How exercise decreases the risk of cancer and heart disease in girls and women. I wrote this for the CT Health Investigative Team, c-hit.org.

For more on the photo of Kathryn Switzer above, go here.