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A Duggar spin-off show? Are you fucking kidding me?

Crying_Angel_by_lovliksmrosesSeveral news websites reported late yesterday that the Duggars — the face of the Quiverfull movement, with a sexual predator in their midst — are mulling over a spin-off television show that will focus on the next generation — though the new show won’t include the sexual predator, one would suppose.

(Did everyone see this? Where Josh Duggar sued the state of Arkansas when officials there began investigating his sexual assaults?)

(How about this, a change.org petition calling for an investigation of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for not reporting the child molestation in their midst?)

Or should one suppose anything with this group? Probably not.

Here’s what I plan to do: Cheerfully continue my boycott of the show and of TLC, and vow never to let an opportunity go by to remind people just what this family stood for even before the sexual molestation of some of their daughters and other young girls who came into their clutches. So while you pop your popcorn and anticipate the fun you’ll have with the next generation, remember that the Quiverfull movement embraced by the Duggars includes:

    • No birth control
    • Heavy dependence on military rhetoric, with the notion that children are enlisted in the Lord’s army to go win more converts to this very fundamentalist sect of Christianity (which, it must be said, most Christians would not recognize)
    • Uniform ideology, from parents to children
    • “Literal” interpretation of the Scriptures, and I put literal in quotes because no one is uniform in their “literal” interpretation of the Bible. No one.
    • And a deep love of (let’s call it a worship of) patriarchy

Perhaps you can see how sexual molestation of girls would rather easily follow these teachings. If a woman is there strictly as a vessel for a man — or for any children the man believes he’s due — then it’s not a big leap to assume the woman is there for the man’s pleasure, period. Or for the boy’s. She is, after all, to be submissive in all things.

That Josh Duggar would assume his sisters or their friends or any young girl, really, would be available for his sexual grooming just makes sense when viewed through the prism of this completely twisted view of the Scriptures.

That this happens is criminal and disgusting, and hiding behind the robe of Jesus won’t save their souls. And yes, I believe I shall use the same crying angel picture [above] for the duration, thanks. It suits me.



A brief history of taking the Lord’s name in vain

giphyOf course, when no less a Big Thinker than Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says he believes the world is going to hell in a hand basket because people like me (women) drop the F-bomb, you really have to drop to your knees and pray about it for a moment.

I mean: Scalia! Has! Fucking! Spoken!

Stretching all the way back to the Book of Exodus (that’s before Jesus’s time, for you non-theology majors), the injunction against cursing was pretty specific — “taking the Lord’s name in vain” was taboo, though I believe the word “fuck,” as we know it, was born later.

Moving eons forward, in general if a Puritan (male or female) cursed — I suppose any old dirty word would do — they could expect to pay a fine. (Then, too, the Puritans, like Scalia, were particularly offended when females cursed.)

We have carried on this fining tradition at my own house. Part of my attempts to stop cursing so fucking much has involved levying a fine against myself, to be collected by my delighted sons who — or so I have come to believe — would sometimes fucking seek to provoke me into cursing, the little fuckers.

I have walked a long way from my girlhood, where as a denizen of the church of Christ, I lived within boundaries of injunctions against even using near-swears, like “gosh.” I got into deep trouble in high school once because I slammed my locker and said “Damn,” and my gym teacher, who overheard me, nearly collapsed on her fainting couch. Good Christian women didn’t talk like that, she said.

She was probably fucking right.

Still, I’m older now and God gave us the Interwebs, and as I seek to live a Biblical life, I foundĀ  this awesome piece that makes me happy because if I read it correctly, I can still say shit. In fact, I like pretty much everything about the piece because it reads like a much more sane view of a Biblical life. And so I am fucking letting ‘er rip. In fact, I only recently purchased a t-shirt that says “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little,” to which someone near to me responded, “A little?”

But mostly? This thin little post gives me the platform from which to sweetly ask Justice Scalia to kiss my…well, you get the picture.



Batgirl says: Equal pay for men and women

Just a few days after Equal Pay Day (April 14)…

1wgXtoE(That’s the day each year when a woman has worked through one year and into the next to earn the same amount as her male counterpart. Same job. Different pay. Awesome.)

So this store in Pittsburgh allows women to pay what they’ve earned — roughly 76 percent what men pay, for the same items. (Here in Connecticut, a similar shop would charge slightly more, 78 cents on the dollar. Yay, us.)

And thanks, Julia, for the link.

How UConn’s women basketball team could change the world

Untitled-4See if you can follow:

1. Indiana passes a discriminatory law.

2. Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announces that state employees cannot travel to the state using state funds.

3. UConn women qualifies for the Final Four in 2016.

4. UConn coaching staff can’t travel to Indiana.

5. Basketball changes the world.

This isn’t original with me. This guy thought it up.

Why all the fuss about NFL concussions?

bullis_headgear_2_360_usl_strohAnd next to no consideration of how concussions affect women?

I wrote this for Connecticut Health Investigative Team, C-HIT. Once again, it looks like the research money goes to the dudes.

A great suggestion for a new Legos toy: The Women of the Supreme Court

https://i2.wp.com/assets.feministing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/16483244287_07863f767e_z.jpgBecause it’s awesome, that’s why.