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Here’s another gender work issue

This photo taken by Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair shows the cover of the magazine's July 2015 issue featuring Bruce Jenner debuting as a transgender woman named Caitlyn Jenner.  (Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair via AP)

This photo taken by Annie Leibovitz exclusively for Vanity Fair shows the cover of the magazine’s July 2015 issue featuring Bruce Jenner debuting as a transgender woman named Caitlyn Jenner. (Annie Leibovitz/Vanity Fair via AP)

Transgender men and women have

double the jobless rate of the general population – and transgender people of color up to four times the national rate – advocates say the hiring is only one step in an uphill battle against the discrimination, stigma and lack of legal protection that hamper their joining the workforce and gaining positions of influence.

Sadly, not all trans women, in particular, have the resources of Caitlyn Jenner.

So there’s the gender pay gap and then there’s the other nonsense

0925_pay-800x480Not only do women make less than men all the way up the pay scale, but female executives tend to be financially penalized more when the market or the company takes a dip. From Liberty Street Economics:

Compensation of female executives is more exposed to declines in firm value and less exposed to increases in firm value than males’. We find that a 1 percent rise in firm value is associated with a 13 percent rise in firm-specific wealth for female executives and a 44 percent rise for male executives. Conversely, a 1 percent decline in firm value is associated with a 63 percent decline in firm-specific wealth for female executives and a 33 percent decline for males.

Oh, awesome.


The women left out of “Straight Outta Compton” speak up

Right here, at Vanity Fair.

Start from behind, stay behind

oldwomenworkingI stole that headline from Sharon, but the column, on CT Health Investigative Team’s website, is all mine:

The gender pay gap affects women all the way to the grave.

Women see substantial decrease in out-of-pocket expenses. Thanks, Obama!

Birth Control Pill Container --- Image by Beathan

Birth Control Pill Container — Image by Beathan

Can’t figure out the paywall, so you’ll have to be happy with this abstract. Here’s part of it:

The average percentages of out-of-pocket spending for oral contraceptive pill prescriptions and intrauterine device insertions by women using those methods both dropped by 20 percentage points after implementation of the ACA mandate. We estimated average out-of-pocket savings per contraceptive user to be $248 for the intrauterine device and $255 annually for the oral contraceptive pill. Our results suggest that the mandate has led to large reductions in total out-of-pocket spending on contraceptives and that these price changes are likely to be salient for women with private health insurance.

And if you’re wondering if your insurance policy is doing what the law says they need to do, go here.

We suck and here’s why:

Judy Elizabeth Martinez, holding Marjorie, tries to reach family after being released by ICE at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014. She is from Guatemala and was flown from Georgia to Arizona by ICE. The Border Patrol says about 400 migrants were flown from Texas to Arizona because of a surge in migrants being apprehended in Texas. (AP Photo/

Leftover sends this, an expose of how we are incarcerating women and children who seek to come to the U.S. in inhumane, privately-run prisons. The piece is by John Washington at In These Times. The descriptively-named South Texas Family Residential Center has been more accurately described as:

a “baby jail,” “worse than a Syrian refugee camp,” a “prison camp,” a “concentration camp,” and, what it most feels like: a grand, inhumane, discriminatory “shitshow.”

Here’s more on CCA, which runs the shitshow.


A Duggar spin-off show? Are you fucking kidding me?

Crying_Angel_by_lovliksmrosesSeveral news websites reported late yesterday that the Duggars — the face of the Quiverfull movement, with a sexual predator in their midst — are mulling over a spin-off television show that will focus on the next generation — though the new show won’t include the sexual predator, one would suppose.

(Did everyone see this? Where Josh Duggar sued the state of Arkansas when officials there began investigating his sexual assaults?)

(How about this, a change.org petition calling for an investigation of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for not reporting the child molestation in their midst?)

Or should one suppose anything with this group? Probably not.

Here’s what I plan to do: Cheerfully continue my boycott of the show and of TLC, and vow never to let an opportunity go by to remind people just what this family stood for even before the sexual molestation of some of their daughters and other young girls who came into their clutches. So while you pop your popcorn and anticipate the fun you’ll have with the next generation, remember that the Quiverfull movement embraced by the Duggars includes:

    • No birth control
    • Heavy dependence on military rhetoric, with the notion that children are enlisted in the Lord’s army to go win more converts to this very fundamentalist sect of Christianity (which, it must be said, most Christians would not recognize)
    • Uniform ideology, from parents to children
    • “Literal” interpretation of the Scriptures, and I put literal in quotes because no one is uniform in their “literal” interpretation of the Bible. No one.
    • And a deep love of (let’s call it a worship of) patriarchy

Perhaps you can see how sexual molestation of girls would rather easily follow these teachings. If a woman is there strictly as a vessel for a man — or for any children the man believes he’s due — then it’s not a big leap to assume the woman is there for the man’s pleasure, period. Or for the boy’s. She is, after all, to be submissive in all things.

That Josh Duggar would assume his sisters or their friends or any young girl, really, would be available for his sexual grooming just makes sense when viewed through the prism of this completely twisted view of the Scriptures.

That this happens is criminal and disgusting, and hiding behind the robe of Jesus won’t save their souls. And yes, I believe I shall use the same crying angel picture [above] for the duration, thanks. It suits me.