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Is Donald Trump a Christian?

The presumptive Republican candidate for President has said he is a Presbyterian, and that the Bible is his favorite book (though from the video above, he has a weird way of showing it, by pronouncing the source of a verse as “Two Corinthians,” when any half-assed Biblical scholar knows it’s pronounced “Second Corinthians.”)(She said.)

But his closed-door-closed-mind suggestions about how to live (or not) with people who aren’t like him, and his overtly rude comments about women make his claim unusual, if not suspect. Regarding compassion for the poor, the Best the Republicans Have to Offer(® is about the farthest thing from Jesus you could find. So for evangelicals to get on the Fake Tan Train is weird. Then too, this piece from Christianity Today challenges the narrative that evangelicals love Trump. Well, they may love Trump as they are instructed to love everyone, but they don’t plan to vote for the guy.

Of course, Candidate Drumpt may not realize precisely what means “born-again.” Here. Let Benjamin J. Corey explain, as Patheos (and thanks, Charles, for the link.

Peter Wehner has more. He said it better in the New York Times. And thanks, Jac, for the link.

Men who harass women online are losers

Internet-Troll-Meme-10This study says so.

And you can read more here. Perhaps those of you who have been visiting this blog for very long can remember a few losers we’ve had to flush. We’d pray for them, but who has the time?

To end homelessness, focus on women

download (1)From Amy Sawyer, of the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness:

At its core, Opening Doors, the federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, is powered by an understanding of people’s strengths and experiences, and the need to provide them with the right housing and services opportunities at the right time. This nuanced approach to ending homelessness is key to meeting the unique needs of everyone in the community at risk of or experiencing homelessness. To truly end homelessness for everyone, we must understand and fully respond to the many experiences, needs, challenges, goals, and ambitions of all women experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis.

Is foreclosure a feminist issue?

@mx_640Why, yes. Yes it is.

For more information, go here. Or here.


You’ve probably seen these or read about them. I can attest that the comments/tweets/social commentary that comes to women can be incredibly hateful, hurtful, and stupid.

Why do people do this? What do they hope to accomplish? Surely they understand that if a woman (the targets are so frequently women writers) have reached a level in their profession where their work is available to public criticism, they are most likely pretty good at what they do, know how to handle criticism, or (speaking for myself) are skilled at flinging it back, in spades — which never works but can be fun as hell. Get over you, trolls. No one listens and no one cares.

Ladies? Owning a gun, in fact, does not make you safer

hello-kitty-pink-gunWhen a woman owns a gun, that gun is far more likely to be used against her. So you’d be well-advised to ignore stuff like this.

Ladies? Happy Equal Pay Day

revised_graphAs of today, you will have worked a sufficient amount of time to earn the same amount of money that your male colleagues earned as of Dec. 31.

Go out and celebrate as you see fit.