Anti-abortion activists are using public record laws to pry into private medical records

Well, this is new, from ProPublica. From that link: Abortion opponents insist their tactics are generally not aimed at identifying women who have abortions but to uncover incidents involving patients who may have been harmed by poor care or underage girls who may have been sexually abused. They say they are trying to prevent situations […]

Evangelicals (my people!) are late-comers to the anti-abortion fight

As I’ve repeated over and over again, I grew up in a conservative fundamentalist church. We were considered evangelicals, and never — not once — did the topic of abortion come up in my church — not in sermons (I went to three a week), not in Sunday school, not even in those embarrassing youth […]

How are you going to pass legislation that directly affects women…

…if you don’t know how their lady-parts work? During a recent House State Affairs Committee meeting, Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri asked if a woman could swallow a camera so that her doctor could make diagnoses on her who-has. The hearing was on a bill that would have banned doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing medication via telemedicine. […]

On second thought, I WILL write about vaginas:

No means no, but recently, when Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown tried to speak out against a massive anti-abortion bill in her state, and a fellow legislator said her statement and the word “vagina” were offensive, and not something he’d discuss in “mixed company” (that means both the vagina-blessed, and the vagina-less, I guess). Rep. […]