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Here’s the text of Pres. Obama’s farewell address.

download-1Read it here. Read the fact-checked version here.

While Pres. Obama was going high, I was going low, answering Irma from North Carolina, a Trump supporter who suggested I buy a ticket to any foreign country:

Ha ha ha ha ha and ha. See the news tonight? Russia has been helping Trump for at last five years. Fed him oppositional research on his opponents — including Clinton. Oh, and Trump paid Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed while he watched. That’s your candidate, Irma. He’s yours. Read your newspaper. Read for comprehension. Watch your television. You’ve elected a disgusting lying shell of a human and you want to talk about the MESS Obama made?
What nonsense. Check the unemployment rate. Look at what Obama did with what Bush handed him.
Oh, and I’m not crying. I was for Sanders. So I’m fired up. And I’m marching while you sit home and applaud Trump, who is fixing to rob you blind.
As for my leaving the country, that’s one of the stupidest things in your email, Irm. I will stay right here, because I’m an American and this is my country and not you nor the powers of hell can change that.
Onward. Good luck with your new president. You’re going to need it. Now leave me alone. I’m listening to my president’s farewell address. I believe this is the last bit of class I’m going to see from the Oval Office for a few years.

Thanks, Obama

According to Donald Trump’s way of thinking, he is running for president in large part because of a slight by Pres. Obama in 2011.

So it’s vengeance-based. Sad!

You’ll be watching the debate tonight, right? Right?

This is my President.

You can read more here.

I am ashamed at how hard I laughed at this

Please See Wonkette’s analysis of Pres. Barack Obama’s Rutgers University commencement speech. I mean, you can watch it, or you can read the transcript, but I highly recommend this version, the “I Don’t Have Two Shits To Give” version.

For Pres. Obama’s trip to Hiroshima:

downloadWhy shouldn’t it be an apology tour?

Critics are yammering about how inappropriate it is for Pres. Obama to go to Hiroshima — the first time for a sitting President — and say he’s sorry.

(The White House has said there is no apology on the trip’s agenda.)

But why? Why can’t he be sorry for what the people who suffered through that horrific attack? Or, if an apology isn’t possible, why not, as suggested here, by Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan, meet with the survivors and hear their stories?

Mitch McConnell is the devil

IMG_0096And he has minions, as well.

Cull through that link for some of  the Republicans who refuse to even meet with an Obama nominee for the Supreme Court, now that Associate Justice Antonin Scalia has gone on to his reward.

McConnell and others have vowed not to allow a so-called “election year” nominee because I believe they are reading from a different Constitution, a secret one, maybe one written in code.

This will most likely drag out and McConnell and his Minions may ultimately be successful in now allowing Pres. Obama to nominate a new Justice — which just means the rest of us will need to go out and vote for a presidential candidate who will name a Justice we believe will bring this country into the world of beauty and light.

RIP Justice Scalia

antoninscaliaI couldn’t have disagreed more with Mr. Originalism, but our thoughts go to his family and friends, who are mourning the passing of the Supreme Court justice who died this weekend while on a trip to Texas.

The speculation about his possible replacement started immediately. Could Pres. Obama, a Democrat, make an emergency appointment? Well, there’s this:

12743667_10154612046328957_6922469954257104630_nBut then, in June 2014, the Supreme Court struck down the option for recess appointments, though that decision seemed to be focused on the National Labor Relations Board. According to the SCOTUS blog:

…the Court upheld his power to make other recess appointments – as long as they are made during recesses that last at least ten days.

Also from that blog:

…the Court said that any recess that is shorter than three days is not long enough to make a recess appointment necessary.  And a recess that is longer than three days but shorter than ten days will, in the normal case, also be too short to necessitate a recess appointment.  (The Court added that there may be “very unusual” cases – such as a “national catastrophe . . . that renders the Senate unavailable but calls for an urgent response” – in which recess appointments would be permitted even though the recess was still shorter than ten days.)

Could Obama, himself, serve once his term is up? Candidate Hillary Clinton “loves” the idea. Her Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, chastised Republican Senators for dragging their feet on an appointment. Pres. Obama, himself, has let it be known he’ll suggest a successorin due time.”

Then again:


No one is asking me, but I’d love to see Anita Hill on the bench, and not just because of this:

And thanks, Cynical, for your contribution on this.