Kids? I gotta go.

But haven’t we said goodbye before? So we all should be getting good at it, right?

This is, by WordPress’ count, my 6,776th post on Dating Jesus, the blog. I’ve fielded nearly 70,000 comments, and had 900,000+ visits.

This blog has been like a really comfortable shoe that I occasionally took off to beat someone over the head with, but all good things, etc. So we move on.

As of right now, I’m moving my toys over to¬† Hot Dogma! where Tom Breen and I will be creating all kinds of fresh and interesting mischief. C’mon over! And please feel free to continue to submit ideas for blog posts. I’m always looking. Use Tom and I will be checking that frequently. Or you can still use If you use, expect a delayed answer, as I will be checking that email address less and less frequently. I’m trying to cut down on my email addresses, as I’m up to six now and that’s about four too many.

The last time I closed down the blog, I did so to concentrate on a blog I was writing at my old job. Then I closed down that blog until my company found a decent platform on which to write it.

Then that blog was effectively disappeared when I quit that old job, and I’ve been playing back in this sandbox since. And now I’m moving on to another blog because I have ants in my pants, I think. That, or I like shaking things up for myself.

So this is not our first rodeo, you and I, or our first transition.

But whether you follow me to Hot Dogma! or choose another blog community: Thank you. Simply: Thank you.

And again! Happy Labor Day!

Spanish health care providers say yes to caring for immigrants

The Spanish government has cut funding to programs that provide health care to undocumented workers. Now see if you can figure out what the health care providers are saying in this ads.

I’ll say it again: Happy Labor Day!

How to provide for your family if you’re famous but not-rich


Back in 1969, Neil Armstrong, who died Aug. 25, and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins, the other Apollo 11 astronauts, figured out a way to provide for their families when the threesome couldn’t afford life insurance back in the ’60s.

They signed autographs — lots and lots of autographs.

Catholic leader says some children seduce pedophiles into action

To which God replied: “That’s just pathetic, Catholic leader, and you need to drop to your knees and pray for wisdom, and forgiveness.”

And thanks, everyone — and there were many — who sent me this link.

It’s Labor Day! Time for a picnic!

But even more, it’s time to remember the history of Labor Day, which didn’t begin as a heavy-travel day, or a time when we stretch out summer by 24 hours, or a good day to shop the sales.

If you’re doing any of those things, good on you, but make sure you take the time to hug a union member. And remember: Those public servants (I’m married to one) aren’t the cause of our financial meltdown. Far from it.

(And thanks, Susan Forbes Hansen, for the inspiration on “The Sunday Night Folk Festival,” available from 7 to 10 p.m. here, every Sunday.)